48 Hour Screen Time Challenge!

Can you go 48 hours without screen time? If so, prove it!  

The challenge is totally voluntary, and there’s no reward except the knowledge you’ve achieved it. Here are the rules:

You must go 48 hours without screen time. That means no social media (like Facebook or Snapchat), no video channels (like YouTube and TikTok), and no TV. It means no video games and no internet (which means you’ll need to get your school work done BEFORE you start). It also means no email. You can use your phone to make and receive calls, but texting is off limits. You can use your phone to take pics, but sharing or posting them is a no go. The best strategy is just to turn off all your personal devices and not even touch them. Leave the room when a family member is using their device. Go play. Go read. Go outside.

You can do the challenge on Friday and Saturday, or you can go Saturday or Sunday. To prove your success, write down your starting day and time and your ending time. Keep a list of the things you did instead of screen time. At the bottom of the paper, write the statement, “My kid survived 48 hours without any screen time.” Have a parent sign it.

I’m taking the challenge. How about you? Can you do it?

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