Honors & Awards

Here is the list of the year-end honors and awards for Room 15 students:

Presidential Scholars (the CPE equivalent to “Top 5%, our highest honor): Breanne Korth, Keila Fernandez, Shayla McDonald.

SOU Academy Nominees: Kelsi Kramer, Liam Warner, Roxy Wilson

Perfect Attendance: Bre Korth, Damien Parmenter, Liam Warner, Sean Williams

Room 15 Perseverance Award: Cash Almaraz

Room 15 Citizenship Award: Jordann Barlow

Fact Car Rally (Math Facts) Champion: Shayla McDonald

Fitness Champions: Connor VanDyke, McKinna Petersen

Battle of the Books Participants: Jordann Barlow, Breanne Korth, Kelsi Kramer, Liam Warner

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