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miercoles, 20 de mayo

Hey, we’re close to finishing our rough draft of our bird research project. Today you’re creating your concluding paragraph. This is an extremely important part, so make sure you read and follow the directions in Classwork carefully!

Volcanoes are always fun (unless you’re running from lava, getting fried by toxic gasses, or on the rim when it erupts). I have a neat article about the Hawaii volcano that has been constantly erupting for the last 50 years or so. It’s in Classwork.

For math you’re still practicing dividing fractions. You have a test on Friday, so make sure you’re getting it figured out. I’ve covered all the steps in yesterday’s video, so if you’re unsure about something, re-watch it. You can also read the examples on pages 322, 324, and 326 in your textbook. Do Worksheet E for classwork and Worksheet F for homework.

Let’s talk about Reflex for a moment. Only Jose, Brison, Tahlor, Savannah, Evan, Gavin, Alie, Gio, Presleigh, Kenzie V., Ansen, and Gunnir have logged into Reflex in the past two weeks. Preseligh is rocking it with 44 facts mastered. Brody, Riley and Laken have already finished the whole program, so they’re off the hook. Zoe, Parker, Cristian, Madison, Bethany, Garrett, Meg, and Lola are all in the 90% range, so they’re close to being done. How about getting in there and wrapping it up?  Access is the same as A.R.  The teacher user name is lsii. Your student number is your user name (although for some of you it’s your firstname.lastname), and your password is your initials. Remember, true mastery of your math facts is the most important math skill you need to take to middle school.

You also have all the usual stuff today: a history entry, a literary terms entry, Outdoor Dude Chapter 10 (they’re finally crossing the glacier; see pic below), and your reading and PE log. For PE you need to try one of the video workouts. There are a couple new ones this week. Finally, remember to join us for our interactive Mini Math session at 9 a.m.  Do all the problems ahead of time so that you’re ready to rock and roll right at 9! Good luck!


Tuesday, May 19

I’ve heard you guys talk about them–ghost peppers and other chilies. That being the case, you’ll enjoy today’s short reading assignment from Storyworks, “Death by Chili Pepper.”  It’s in Classwork along with your bird research assignment for DIET and a second reading assignment (because both are so short) called “Two Miles for a Drink of Water.” No, we’re not talking about Yewbie hiking in Goat Rocks; it’s about people who live in Africa and how much effort it takes just to have water.  On the Platy you have a history entry about the Spanish-American War and it’s hero, Teddy Roosevelt. You also have a literary terms entry, Outdoor Dude chapter 9, and math. Math is still easy–invert and multiply–but I’ve complicated it just a bit. Watch my video, then do Worksheet C for classwork and Worksheet D for homework.  Finally, you have free choice today for PE, but make sure you record your work on your Reading & PE Log.  Don’t forget to show up for our 9 am interactive session. Have  a great day!

What are these things?


Welcome Back!

I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend. I got to play some golf, I got in a nap outside (until the rain started getting my feet wet), and I did a BUNCH of homework. It took quite some time to make edit suggestions on bird paragraphs. But here’s the bad news: only eight students have turned in both paragraphs (Tahlor, Gavin, Zoe, Riley, Preseligh, Meg, Kenzie, and Gunnir). Four others (Brison, Bethany, Madison, and Garrett) have turned in one. On top of that, it looks like almost everybody needs to go back and re-read the original assignment because few of you actually followed the directions. I’ve commented on all your paragraphs in DOCS and I’ve re-posted Tuesday’s and Thursday’s instructions. Those of you who haven’t yet turned in paragraphs need to get on it. This is the most significant writing assignment of the year. It’s the single most important grade on your report card.

In Classwork today, you’ll be reading an article from The Medford Mail Tribune, working on your bird project, and doing the usual reading/PE log. You also have this awesome cartoon video about Cyclops, and a super short item about the History of Fun. On the Platy you have a history lesson, another chapter of Outdoor Dude, a new PE video workout to try, and math. For math we’re moving on to dividing fractions, which is really easy. Just like multiplying fractions, all you do is multiply straight-across, with one simple change: you have to turn one fraction over. Or, even better, just use Celina’s “diamond theory” shortcut from the video. Do Worksheet A for classwork and Worksheet B for homework. Remember, the reason I give you the key is so that you can check yourself as you go along. Do a couple problems, and then check those two answers. If you got them right, hip hip hooray! If you got one wrong, figure out why. Don’t go on until you know why. That’s how you learn things. That’s how you succeed in life.

Don’t forget to join us for our 1 pm Zoom meeting! Finally, here are a couple images that’ll help you picture what’s going on in Outdoor Dude:

Freaky Friday!

I so appreciate all you kids! Teaching from home isn’t like being with you in class, but it is wonderful to see your personalities come through your comments on the Classroom stream. It is wonderful to see your smiling faces during our Zoom sessions. Thank you for sticking with “school” during this weird situation. Remember, too, it might be just the opposite with your families. Your family may not be used to all this “togetherness” for such a long time, so try to be extra patient with your siblings and extra helpful to your parents. Volunteer to do more chores. Be extra responsible about taking care of things without having to bug your folks. 

Anyway, today is another easy Friday. It’s a catch-up day for Bird Research. By now you should have completed your rough drafts for paragraph #1 (Description) and paragraph #2 (Habitat). If those have already been submitted to me in DOCS, you’re day is extra easy. I’ll be reviewing them over the weekend and sending them back for editing on Monday.

In Classwork there’s a fun article about the fattest bear in Alaska, Outdoor Dude Chapter 7, and Insect Math, which is all about insect parts and measuring. I figured it as a good break from fractions, but you’ll need a ruler.  Holy cow, if you don’t have a ruler, how do you survive? That’s like not having forks and spoons! You also have your reading and PE log (stretching routine for PE–it’s posted on the Platy). And lastly, here on the Platy you have a history entry about the light bulb. We’re finally heading into “modern” times!

Have a great day and an even better weekend!  Miss you all!


Thursday, May 14

Pretty straight-forward today, kids. Here on the Platy you have another history lesson, Outdoor Dude chapter 6, and a literary terms journal entry. In Classwork you have a short reading activity about the Great Chicago Fire. Be sure to check out the video that goes with it.  You also have your reading and PE logs, and you have to write and submit your habitat paragraph. (I’ll be making suggestions about your first two paragraphs and returning them to you over the next few days.)  For math you have a “pop quiz” covering multiplying fractions.  If you figured things out on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, you’re in great shape. If you’re not sure, go back and re-watch those videos and review those assignments. Your quiz is a Google Form. Your homework is Worksheet F.

Our 9 a.m. interactive session is just a “Good Morning” thread. Pop in to say hello and share something that’s going on with you. We also have a 1 p.m. Zoom meeting. It’s whole class today. We’ll be talking about bird research, Outdoor Dude, and having a scavenger hunt!   

Hump Day Madness!

Not really. Just another average day in the Room 15 Distance Learning classroom. Be sure to participate in the 9 a.m. Mini Math competition (donuts!). In Classwork you also have a bit of fiction from Storyworks about ice fishing, bird research on habitat, and your usual reading and PE log (free choice for PE today).

Here on the Platy you have a history entry and math. For math you’re multiplying mixed numbers. It’s still the same simple thing, you just have to  convert your mixed number to improper fractions BEFORE you multiply. I’ve made a short video to review the steps. Also take a look at pages 310-311 in your textbook. For classwork, do Worksheet C and for homework do Worksheet D

For read aloud you have Outdoor Dude chapter 5. Here are some pics from the REAL Goat Rocks Wilderness mentioned in the book. Click on each image for a closer look.

Tuesday, May 12

Welcome back, kids.  Today on the Platy you have history about local “Wild West” towns such as Jacksonville, Spikenard, and Beagle. You also have a literary terms entry, another segment of Outdoor Dude, and you need to do a PE workout. For Math, you’re multiplying fractions such as ¾ by ½. You will be shocked how easy it is! When multiplying you DON’T need to have like denominators. You just multiply the numerator x the numerator and the denominator times the denominator. But make sure you simplify your final answer! Read pages 302-303 in your math text, watch the video, and then do Worksheet A for classwork and Worksheet B for homework.

In Classwork you have an interesting Storyworks article. (You think the coronavirus is bad, imagine if you were being attacked from outer space! Don’t worry, it isn’t as nasty as it sounds.)  You also have your reading log and PE log  (which have been combined into one form) and your rough draft of bird research paragraph #1. BE SURE to follow the directions carefully. If you don’t, I’ll simply be sending it back to you with instructions to start over. Wouldn’t that be a drag?!

Finally, don’t forget to show up for our 9 a.m. interactive session. Have a great day!

Welcome Back to Shcool!

Yes, I’m aware it’s spelled wrong. It is suppose to remind you of that picture that used to pop up on the Activboard once a week early in the schhol year.

Teach in London: Spelling is Very Important in Shcool

These guys in the pic weren’t very careful when it came to double-checking and editing their work, were they? When it came to editing your “How-to” paragraphs, some of you were, and others, well, not so much. At least these guys showed up to work! To the 16 of you who turned in your “How-to” paragraph on Friday, awesome job! Today’s reading assignment is to read all of them. You’ll be ask to give feedback using a FORM in CLASSWORK. The other 13 of you who still have a “How-to” paragraph to submit, you’ve got some catching up to do! Look back in Classwork for the assignments. 

In Math we’re moving on to multiplying fractions. To the nineteen of you who completed your math test on Friday, good job!  The rest of you have double math to do today. Bummer!  In today’s assignment you have to find fractional parts of a whole. That means doing problems such as 1/3 of 24 or 60 x 2/5.  It’s super easy. Those of you who truly know you’re math facts are probably already seeing some fact families. For example, 1/3 of 24 simply means take 24, split it into three groups (the denominator) and tell us how much is in one group (the numerator).  It’s 8! See the fact family? You can either watch my old buddy Zach’s 30 second video, or my 90 second video (or both). You’ll find the videos and your assignment and homework in Classwork today.

Also today you have a history entry, Chapter 3 of Outdoor Dude, and DARE Family Talk #5 (due Friday). I also need everyone to log-in to REFLEX and pass at least one level. Those of you who FINISHED Fact Car Rally can skip it (if you want, though it can’t hurt to practice a bit, right?). PE is a free choice day, but make sure you do SOMETHING to stay fit. I’m determined to return to basketball in good shape, so I’ve been doing a core workout and a two to four mile run four days a week.

Finally, it’s time to kick-start our Bird Research Project. I’ve posted the assignment in Classwork. It’s for a FOUR paragraph essay about a bird species native to southern Oregon. You can continue with the one you originally started back in February, or you can choose a new one, but you must end up with four paragraphs that meet the standards listed in the assignment. You’ll be expected to write and submit just one paragraph at a time. Please don’t try to power through it. I will GUIDE YOU each day as to what needs to be in the given paragraph.  See the assignment in Classwork for more info.

Don’t forget (the way I did) that we have a Zoom meeting today at 1:00 (Elephants) and 1:30 (Cyclops). Have a great day at shcool today!


Good News Friday!

Good news! I’ll no longer be asking you to do a “End-of-the-Day Review Quiz.” Bad news! To jive with the new report card, I will instead be having you fill out a weekly reading log and a weekly PE log in Google Sheets (you’ll see them on Monday). It also means I have to put more emphasis on the reading and math quizzes you’ve been taking. Don’t stress, though. When all is said and done, all we’re really judging you on is your effort. Are you trying your best to keep learning? Or are you treating this as an early vacation? Those of you who’ve been working hard will be happy with your report card—just like in the regular classroom!

In Classwork today you have a super short reading assignment, your last math quiz on adding and subtracting fractions (yet another chance to prove you know what you’re doing), and a form to share the outcome of your DARE Family Talk #4. Also be sure to watch Mr. Davenport’s “Hunt for Roady’s Nest” video.

On the Platy you have another history entry about Wild West towns, and for PE, please do the same stretching routine we did last Friday. You’ll find the list at the bottom of the PE page.

Finally, I’m starting a new chapter book read aloud. It’s called Outdoor Dude: The Knife’s Edge. It’s about the outdoors, bullies, science, and a kid who doesn’t want anything to do with any of it. It’s part Wimpy Kid, part I Survived, and part Hatchet. I’m excited about reading it to you!

Thursday, May 7

Mr. Davenport was really impressed with our Mini Math thread yesterday. We ended up with 318 comments and we had about half the class participating. Not too shabby. Today, be sure to come to the Zoom play practice. You should have watched the plays being performed on stage by previous classes (if you didn’t, scroll down to yesterday’s post). I KNOW you can read it as well as those kids, so let’s have a great session this afternoon. Elephant’s Child reads at 1 and Cyclops reads at 1:30.

In Classwork today you need to submit your FINAL DRAFT of your “How-to” paragraph. I hope to get these posted on the Platy this weekend. You also have a short reading assignment about daredevils, a crossword puzzle about homophones (words that sound the same but have different meanings, such as to/two/and too), and your End-of-Day Review Quiz. On the Platy you have the Captain Najork sequel, a history entry about Wild West towns, PE (choose a workout video), and math. Watch my video about subtracting mixed numbers with borrowing. It covers pages 278-279 in your textbook. Do Worksheet D for classwork and Worksheet J for homework. You have a quiz tomorrow, so make sure you finish today truly understanding how to add and subtract mixed numbers. Also, don’t forget about DARE. Family talk #4 is due tomorrow.