Halloween Week

The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow, the Ink Drinker, and the Real Dracula are just a few of the remotely spooky activities we have planned for you this week! Go right now to SeeSaw to see the schedule for the day, and be sure to show up in Google Classroom at 8:30 for your Halloween Clicker Question.

Don’t forget that this Thursday is a special Halloween edition of In-Person instruction. If you haven’t yet signed up and want to, pester your folks to let me know TODAY.  Here are the rosters so far: Thursday 8 am: Gabe, McKinna, Connor, Keila, Kylie, Damien P; Thursday 1 pm: Shayla, Max, Maizie, Liam, Roxy, Damon G., Bre.

Week Seven

We’re doing things differently this week. SeeSaw appears to be going well…the videos and recordings of yourselves are a wonderful way to see how you’re doing in class–and I think probably a lot more fun!  Therefore, this week we’re going to try to run everything out of SeeSaw. Instead of going to The Platy every morning, start your day in SeeSaw. Instead of following your Checklist in Google, use the Checklist in SeeSaw.

The SeeSaw list has links that will take your to your individual lessons and logins including your Zoom meetings and your math homework. Some of the links will bring your back to Google Classroom such as Super Sentences. Others bring you back here to the Platy, such a the read aloud and the history lesson. We’ll still use Google Classroom as the place to go to ask for help or post questions. Let’s see how this goes today!


In-person instruction was great yesterday. Our next session is Oct. 29. We’ll give families a chance to sign-up next weekend. Those of you who attended class say how your badge board is shaping up. Here are two tips to earning new badges and ninja belts: 1.) make sure you earn your minutes in Happy Numbers, Lexia, and Acellus; 2.) Listen to videos all the way until the end. I’ll be introducing some new badges next week, so stay-tuned for those. Today’s mostly a catch-up day, but you have two really important assignments: 1.) re-read the Pirates article in Storyworks but this time take the QUIZ; 2.) Get your final draft done of your cats vs dogs paragraph and then record yourself reading it in SeeSaw. 

Aside from that all you have is your 8:30 Clicker Question, your 9:30 Zoom, a short history lesson, and Chapter 2 of the new read aloud, Witches, by Roald Dahl. If you have a copy of it, read along with me!

Thursday, Oct 15

In-person school today for those who signed-up this week. Whether you come to school or not, you still need to get everything done on the Checklist in Classwork. The most important item is to edit and revise your Cats vs Dogs paragraph. That assignment is in Classwork. It tells you you have to check MY COMMENTS in Slides. Look for the messenger icon in the upper right corner in Slides. As of 8 pm last night, only 12 students had submitted their rough draft on the paragraph template. You have to submit your rough draft before I can give you feedback, and you must see my feedback before creating your final draft.

Blackbeard (aka Edward Teach) (U.S. National Park Service)
Another illustration of Blackbeard…is this really what he looked like? We don’t have enough pieces of the puzzle to know for sure!

A reminder about work load…I’ve been assigning Acellus Science and now history only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The idea is that you do science and history on one day and Lexia and Math Facts the next. No need to do them all on the same day unless you’ve fallen behind! The same goes for SeeSaw activities. This week you had a social/emotional lesson, an art project, and a cursive lesson…no need to do them all at once. Do one every other day and you’ll find your overall workload pretty easy. Happy Numbers, math homework, and daily reading, however, are EVERY DAY activities. 

Special thanks to all of you who voted by email for the new read aloud–The Witches by Roald Dahl. It is fantastic! I’m reading it in person to the “in-person” classes today, but I will post chapter one on the Read Aloud tab here on The Platy at 12:30. (Note: it doesn’t promote witchcraft. It is a work of fiction in which the witches are the bad guys…just like a fairy tale.)

Today’s math homework is a more complicated version of yesterday’s SeeSaw assignment. You must convert between standard form (numbers written as numbers such as 1,492), expanded form (numbers broken into values such as 1000+400+90+2) and numbers written in word form (such as one thousand, four hundred ninety two). If you’re not sure how to do it, re-watch yesterday’s math video.

Wednesday, Oct 14

It’s a Mini Math Day. Show up to Google Classroom at 8:10 to get your sheet, answer them all on a sheet of paper, and then compete for your donut badge at 8:30. Remember, it’s just for fun. It adds a little excitement to what would otherwise be another boring math review.

We have play practice in Zoom again. At 9:30 it’s Peter Rabbit, at 10:00 it’s Aesop’s Fables, and at 10:30 its Goosebumps. Let’s try to do better than yesterday when only half of you showed up tp the right time. Your link is in Classwork.

Here in the Platy you have a history entry about Blackbeard the pirate, which goes along with your Storyworks article in Classwork called “The Search for Pirate Gold.” If you haven’t already done so, make sure your rough draft of your Cats vs Dogs paragraph has been shared with me. I’ll be going over them today and returning them for editing tomorrow. 

Finally, in SeeSaw you have a new PE activity…your videos from Monday were hysterical! (Who knew a burpee was so hard!) You also have a math homework activity, but before you do it, WATCH THIS VIDEO. (It’s some other dude instead of me, and it’s kind of slow, but he does a good job of explaining expanded form.) Also in SeeSaw, I’ve attempted to return stuff that didn’t work right or had wrong answers. Be sure to go back in and look at your “Journal.”

Oh, one more thing. In person school tomorrow; here are the rosters: Thursday 8:00 AM: Dom, Quinton, Connor, Jordann, Gabe, Damien, Keila, Cash, Rachael, Scarlet; Thurs 1 PM: McKinna, Maizie, Max, Liam, Kelsi, Shayla, Bre, Isaiah, Roxy. Bring colored pencils or fine markers if you can. A ruler and scissors would be good too, if you have them.

Tuesday, Oct. 13

Look behind the spider. Is that someone’s face and finger back there?

You’re probably already itching for Halloween, right? All those goblins! All that candy! Well, to get you ready, Mrs. Bates has created a fun art project in SeeSaw called “Spider Art.” The materials were in your art packet (if you’ve lost them, you’re out of luck). There are a couple other assignments in SeeSaw as well, and all of them require you to SUBMIT your response, so make sure you check them out. Today’s math homework is in SeeSaw as well. All you have to do is READ to me FIVE whopper numbers. If you don’t know how, you’d better watch yesterday’s video (see below) and do yesterday’s homework sheet.

At 8:30 we’re all getting together in Google Classroom for our wacky list writing activity, and you also have play practice in Zoom today. Your link is posted in Classwork. Goosebumps meets at 9:30; Peter Rabbit meets at 10:00; Aesop meets at 10:30. Also, Isaiah, Kylie, and Damon G. have a Zoom appointment at 10:30 with Mrs. McCarty. Your link is HERE.

On Thursday, we have in-person school for 18 of you. Here are the rosters: Thursday 8:00 AM: Dom, Quinton, Connor, Jordann, Gabe, Damien, Keila, Cash, Rachael, Scarlet; Thurs 1 PM: McKinna, Maizie, Max, Liam, Kelsi, Shayla, Bre, Isaiah, Roxy. Bring colored pencils or fine markers if you can. A ruler and scissors would be good too, if you have them.

Please, please, please, please, please (please!) look at the CHECKLIST in Classwork to make sure you’re getting everything done.

Week Six!

Are you a cat person or a dog person? After reading today’s debate article, you’ll have a chance to tell us. We’ll start reading this together in Zoom. At 9:30 Aesop’s Fable meet in Zoom. At 10:30 Peter Rabbit meets in Zoom. Goosebumps can show up to either session. session. Waylon, you have a 10:30 meeting with Mrs. McCarty. Click HERE to get to it. But don’t forget about the Clicker Question in Google Classroom at 8:30.

Congrats to Keila, Liam, Jordan, Bre, Kelsi, Shayla, and Connor! They have all earned their Math Ninja Yellow Belt!  Several other kids are close and will earn it by recording 80 minutes or more in Happy Numbers this week. Every fourth time you meet that weekly goal in Happy Numbers, you earn another belt. According to karate dude, the yellow belt symbolizes the first ray of sun light. It means the student’s mind is open to learning new techniques and methods. Great job yellow belt ninjas! I wonder who will be the first to earn their orange belt?

Many of you did a GREAT JOB on your Decimal Place Value Quiz (while several of you haven’t even taken it!). Here is your math video for this week. It teaches you how to do the math worksheet.

You also have a short history entry here on The Platy and some new activities in See Saw. Also, a student came to me last week and said I’ve been assigning TOO MUCH WORK. Well, I did some research. Am I? Or maybe I haven’t been assigning enough! If you watch the VIDEO (below) you’ll find out what I discovered and what I decided to do.

Finally, we have IN-PERSON class this week. These are the students who are signed up for Thursday at 8 a.m.: Dom, Quinton, Connor, Jordann, Gabe, Damien, Keila, and Cash (one spot is still open); These are the students signed up for Thursday at 1 pm: McKinna, Maizie, Max, Liam, Kelsi, Shayla, and Bre (two spots are still open).

Thursday, Oct. 8

Today’s Zoom meetings are for play practice. Aesop’s Fables meets at 9:30; Goosebumps meets at 10:00; Peter Rabbit meets at 10:30. Check out the Classwork assignment for your parts and the Zoom link.

Your Checklist in Classwork tells you what to get done today. Be sure to use it as your guide. You have a couple short but fun reading assignments, and your math quiz. Here in the Platy all you have is a new Roald Dahl read aloud.  For history you just need to catch up on all the entries and videos you’ve missed. Don’t forget about your assignments in SeeSaw and make sure you get caught up with all your minutes in Happy Numbers, Lexia, and Acellus. Isaiah, Damon, Damien, Kylie, and Karysn, you MUST finish your Lexia placement test TODAY. Remember, no school tomorrow

Connor, you have a 10:30 appointment with Mrs. McCarty HERE.

Wednesday, Oct. 7

At 8:30 we have our Mini Math competition. Let’s see if we can get more of you competing. The way to do it is show up EARLY (like at 8:15) so that you can get the sheet done BEFORE the competition starts. That way you can concentrate on typing in your answers instead of solving the problems.

Today’s Zoom meetings work like this: Peter Rabbit group meets at 9:30 and Aesop’s Fables meets at 10:30. Goosebumps members can come to either one. YOU CHOOSE! Just make sure you show up to one or the other. We’ll be reading an article about Pilgrim food and manners. The Native Americans thought the Pilgrims were kind of disgusting…you’ll see why when we read the article.

Your Checklist in Classwork tells you what to get done today. Be sure to use it as your guide. Here in the Platy you have a math homework sheet, which gets you ready for tomorrow’s quiz, a new Roald Dahl read aloud, and a history entry.  Don’t forget about your assignments in SeeSaw and make sure you get caught up with all your minutes in Happy Numbers, Lexia, and Acellus. Isaiah, Damon, Damien, Kylie, and Karysn, you MUST finish your Lexia placement test TODAY.

Many of you have submitted your chapter book project. That’s a great job! But it isn’t done until I accept it. I’m adding comments and returning them, so make sure you go re-open them every day until I send you a message saying you’re done. (To see comments, you must click on the “messenger” icon at the upper right hand corner of your Slides screen.)

Finally, if you follow this link, you can nominate a teacher for free pizza from Abby’s. It doesn’t have to be me (though that would certainly be nice). It could be your teacher from last year, a teacher from when you were still a little squirt, or some random dude from Eagle Point. Again, YOU CHOOSE.

Remember, no school on Friday. It’s the holiday that used to be known as Columbus Day (though that day is actually on Monday!). Let’s use that day to remember Squanto instead (see your history lesson).