In-Person Schedule

Session A  M/Th: Scarlet, Kylie, Shayla, Karsyn, Keila, Bre, Jordann, Dominic, Sean, Gabe, McKinna, Bella, Isaiah

Session B  Tues/F: Max, Maizie, Cash, Kelsi, Roxy, Liam, Connor, Daimon, Damien, Quinton, Damon 

Remote Only: Rachael, Waylon, Dayton, Kaleb

Students attend in-person two days a week and they attend via live-stream two days a week. Wednesdays are fully remote for all students. Students who opted for fully-remote will need to attend the live stream all four days. Whether at home or at school, here is the daily schedule:

8:00 Daily Business/Morning intro (all students, in-person and Zoom)

8:25 Reading (all students, in-person and Zoom)*

9:15 Fitness (at school); SeeSaw PE activity (at home)

9:35 History/Misc (all students, in-person and Zoom)

10:00 Recess (at school); Break (at home)

10:20 Vocab/Writing/Science (all-students, in-person and Zoom)*

10:50 Math (all-students, in-person and Zoom)

11:45 Read Aloud ((all students, in-person and Zoom)

12:00 Clean-up; Lunch prep (at school & home)

12:05 Recess and Lunch (at school and home)

1:00 Dismissal (at school)

1:00-2:00 Office hours (teacher available for questions/assistance for all students)

Post: Homework (all students): 20 minutes of reading, math homework sheet, and any work not completed during class