When it was first disclosed that I was to be honored as the Chamber of Commerce Educator of the Year, my close friends and family asked, “Is it because of the poop stations?” They were referring, in jest, I think, to the dog waste stations I facilitated around CPE. I hope the award was for more than just that.

Rather than being remembered for dog manure, I’m hopeful I’ll instead be known for all the campus trees I’ve planted at CPE, or for all my work at Anhorn Field, or for the community planting projects at Snowy Butte Station and Don Jones Park. I’m proud to say that mine was the first classroom to join the City’s Adopt-a-Street program, that I was instrumental in reviving the Sams Valley Mini Marathon, and that I spearheaded the drive to build the skate park. There’s CPE’s Outdoor Ed program, CPETV, all those baby picture shows. And, hopefully, still more to come. But when all is said and done, I most hope to be known as a teacher who simply loved all his kids—from Nikki and all my other Briscoe kids, to Amee, forever my “first student,” to all my current rotters and the ones yet to come.

I feel compelled to say that for every teacher fortunate enough to receive an award like this, there are fifty others working tremendously hard for all the right reasons going largely unnoticed. Teachers like Paul Lunte, who retired last year from Jewett and was not only a phenomenal educator, but also perhaps the most genuine person I’ve ever met. Or Garrett White, a former student during my Sams Valley days, now himself a dedicated teacher and my colleague at CPE. Or my friend Trey Jenkins, whose engaging personality and contagious enthusiasm never fails to win over a classroom of kids (or for that matter, a hotel concierge). And the late Jay McRoberts, my junior high school teacher and coach, whose profound influence helped shape me into the teacher and person I am today.

For every teacher fortunate enough to be acknowledged like this, there are fifty others who go largely unnoticed. I accept this award on their behalf.

Thank you to the people at the Chamber of Commerce and its members for the recognition.

Now, if you happen to be walking your dog around CPE . . .

Upcoming Field Trips

April 1st — Our first ever bicycle excursion, this on from Valley of the Rogue State Park to Rouge River and back. Chaperones desired!

April 8th — My first ever Roxy Ann Peak hike or run.  Chaperones needed.

April 12th — Crater Lake snowshoeing and sledding. Chaperones desired.

April 18th — Table Rock hike with first grade buddies. Chaperones desired.

April 29th — Sams Valley Mini Marathon. No chaperones needed, but families are welcome to go watch (parking is limited)

May 3rd — Adopt-a-Street clean-up. Chaperones desired.

May 20th (?) — Lava Beds caving adventure. Chaperones needed.

June 1-3 — Oregon Coast Outdoor Ed Adventure. Chaperones needed.

Inside My Video Game

The students were asked to write a “perfect paragraph” in which they were “sucked into their favorite video game.” Students crafted a hand-written rough draft, a hand-written edited-draft, and what appears here, a typed final draft. Click “Replies” to see their work.

Students of the Month

Congratulations to Room 15 Students-of-the-Month for January, Eddy C. and Charlotte K! These two superstars are excellent students. They put effort into their work, producing material that is consistently correct, well-organized, and neat. They’re also respectful and well-behaved. Finally, because they are pleasant and kind, they are well-liked by their peers. Kudos to you, Eddy and Charlotte! You rock!

Spotlight Award Winners

Congrats to Jaylee H., Laloni M., and Kadence N. for being awarded our first trimester Spotlight Awards. In fifth grade, these awards are the equivalent of “student of the month” awards, which typically go to the students demonstrating high academic achievement, excellent citizenship, and good attendance. 

Student Council Elections

See the source imageKudos to all the students who sought a position on the CPE Student Council. It takes a strong person to put one’s self out there like that. All eight candidates received a good number of votes, but Kadence and Laloni received the most. They will represent Room 15 on the Council. Be sure to share with them your concerns and ideas about how our school operates.  

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Conferences are scheduled for Wed., Oct. 13th through Friday, Oct. 15th. Due to Covid restrictions, they’re to be held via Zoom—unless that doesn’t work for you. In that case, you can request an in-person session, which will most likely be held in the courtyard.

Sign-up for a preferred conference time by e-mailing me at mack.lewis@district6.org, by clicking here, or by indicating your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices on the schedule sent home with students. If you need it to be in-person, please indicate so. Otherwise we’ll assume your conference will be via Zoom.

If possible, please cluster your time near those of others. (Thanks!) As spots are filled, I’ll update this list on the webpage. If none of these times work for you, please email me and we’ll figure something out.

Fall conferences are modeled after a “goal setting” strategy. We’ll be discussing where your child is at academically, behaviorally, and socially and discuss strategies for growth.

I’ll send a Zoom link to your email the day before conferences. For Zoom to be effective, it is essential that you’re in a quiet place, seated at a table, and prepared to jot down a few notes. Your student should attend with you. Please make sure your video and audio are on, as it is difficult to speak to a blank screen. Thanks! ~ Mr. Lewis

Welcome Back to CPE!

Kids and families, I’m excited to have you joining my class!  Because we don’t get to have a Back-to-School Night this year, please explore the pages of this website. The most important ones for your parents include the “September Parent Letter” and the one labeled “Back to School Night.”  

Aside from that, take a moment to LOG IN to your district email. You can get there here or through Clever. Once you’re logged in, look for the invitation to join my Google Classroom. Simply follow the instructions in the email. If something doesn’t work right, don’t feel stress…we’ll fix it when you get to class on Tuesday! Next, send me an email to let me know you’ve checked in. My address is mack.lewis@district6.org.  

It’s going to be a great year!  See you soon!