I had such a marvelous time with in-person small group learning today! I’m hopeful some of you who haven’t yet signed up will do so and join Quinton, Domenic, and Connor on Thursday the 15th!

Today we have our Google interactive session at 8:30 and a WHOLE GROUP Zoom session at 9:30. Otherwise it’s a catch-up day for your lessons. You need to make sure you have logged 90 minutes in Happy Numbers this week, 60 minutes in Lexia, and 40 minutes in Acellus math facts. You need to make sure you’ve completed lesson 27 in Acellus Science (that’s the Unit 1 Test), and you need to be working on your Chapter Book project. If you didn’t complete your Math Place Value quiz in Classwork, or your Super Sentence test, you need to make sure they both get done. Finally, Peter Rabbit and Goosebumps play groups need to read through their play scripts, and everyone should spend a little more time exploring SeeSaw. If you’re caught up with everything, then go have some fun!  

Thursday, Oct 1

LIPI Group 1  
8 am Thurs 10//1: Cash ,Scarlet, Kylie, Keila, Liam, Gabe, Damien P., Daimon B., Kelsi

LIPI Group 2
1 pm Thur 10/1: BreIsaiah B., Maizie, Max, Shayla, McKinna, Damon G., Kaleb, Roxy

Even though we have kids attending “in-person” class, you still have assignments to do. They appear on your checklist in Classwork. Your Storyworks reading is just a poem. You have 20 minutes of Happy Numbers, 20 minutes of Math Facts in Acellus, and 30 minutes of Lexia. You have your PE & Reading log, a history lesson, your math homework sheet, and a new Roald Dahl read aloud called “The Black Mamba.”  The most important thing today is your Super Sentence test. Open your form in Google Drive to do the test. Be sure to use today to catch up on all your assignments from earlier in the week, including your minutes and your Chapter Book Project (see it in Classwork).

Wed, Sept 30

Download your Mini Math sheet in Classroom at 8:15 for the 8:30 match. You could win a donut badge (which is worth a real donut later on!). 

Zoom Groups W & 7 meet at 9:30 (Group W: Daimon, Kaleb, Daimien, Max, Sea, Connor, Gabe, and Quinton); (Group 7: Rachel, McKinna, Shayla, Maizie, Keila) . Your invite will pop up in Classroom at 9:25.

Zoom Groups Z & 4 meet at 10:30 (Group Z: Liam, Cash, Isaiah, Damon, Waylon, Dayton, Dom, Karysn); (Group 4: Jordann, Bre, Scarlet, Kylie, Roxy, and Kelsi). Your invite will pop-up in classroom at 10:25.

This is the last day for these groups…you’ll have new ones based on your In-Person groups next week. For IN-PERSON learning, here is the schedule. Sadly, some of you don’t get to come to school just yet. Please don’t be angry. We have to follow really strict rules. If you’re not listed in a group, there is still space for 2 students in each group.

Today’s history lesson is here. You have a math homework sheet. In this one you must name the PLACE (column) AND the VALUE. For example, in 123.678, if we were asked to name the place and value for the number 6 digit, we would write “tenths.” For the value we would write six-tenths or 6/10. Please also do 20 minutes of Happy Numbers. By the way, congrats to Bre (3rd place) and Liam (4th place) for FINISHING Acellus Math Facts!

Speaking of Acellus, I once again believe I have fixed the Science Class. Please do whatever lessons you are on, but do not go past lesson 25. Thanks! You need to finish lesson 25 by Friday.

There are a few other things listed on the Checklist for today, one of which is your CHAPTER Book assignment. Be finishing, see the assignment, and try to have it done by Monday if at all possible.

Have a great day, kids. Considering how awkward all this remote stuff is, most of you are doing a fantastic job. Remember, too, that these are stressful times for your families. The more you can do ON YOUR OWN, the better it is for everyone. Visit me by email or in the Classroom Stream if you need help.

Tuesday, Sept 29

Good job Bre, Connor, Daimon, Damien, Gabe, Jordann, Karsyn, Keila, Kelsi, Kylie, Liam, Max, Rachael, Shayla and Sean!.  You guys rocked your Happy Numbers assignment yesterday! Your are awesome!

Congrats also to Bre, Keila, Liam, and Connor. They earned fish badges yesterday with the secret phrase, “ths.” If you don’t know what that means, you must not have watched this week’s math video, which also tells me you probably didn’t do your math homework. Today’s homework is here. Go back to yesterday’s post for the video.

Acellus Science—if you attempted to do your Acellus Science lessons yesterday but were told to take the chapter test, try again today. Supposedly it’s been fixed.  Many of you are still on lesson #2…a FULL WEEK behind.

Connection issues: To minimize connection problems, make sure all other devices in your house are OFFLINE during Zoom sessions. That includes your phone (talkin’ to you Waylon), your Smart TV (talkin’ to you, Maizie), and your gaming devices.

Chromebooks:  Those of you using Chromebooks are having more issues than others. You need to clear your cache. Click on the 3 dots at the upper right hand corner of your screen and pull down to History. When the next window pops up, click on the word “History.” From there, move your cursor to the far left side of your screen and click on “Clear History” Or “Clear Cache.”  Do this at least once a week. 

All of you have the usual stuff today in Classwork. You need to do your SUPER SENTENCE assignment BEFORE attending Zoom at 9:30. Before then, meet in Classroom at 8:30 for our interactive session. Don’t forget about your history entry, the final chapter of Boy, and a PE workout.

A New Week…

Our ZOOM sessions are at 10:00 and 11:00 today. Why? Because you have three assignments to complete BEFORE your session. The first is your 8:30 Clicker Question  activity in Classroom. Plan on being there until at least 9:00. The second is your Roanoke Vocabulary preview in Classwork. The third is your Super Sentence activity. It’s on a Slide in Classwork. 

Groups W & 7 meet at 10:00 (Group W: Daimon, Kaleb, Daimien, Max, Sea, Connor, Gabe, and Quinton); (Group 7: Rachel, McKinna, Shayla, Maizie, Keila) 

Groups Z & 4 meet at 11:00 (Group Z: Liam, Cash, Isaiah, Damon, Waylon, Dayton, Dom, Karysn); (Group 4: Jordann, Bre, Scarlet, Kylie, Roxy, and Kelsi)

You also have all the other usual stuff including a history lesson, the next segment in Boy: Tales of Childhood, and your PE activity (choose a workout here). For math, you have 20 minutes or more of Happy Numbers, a math video to watch, and homework sheet A to do for practice. Also, several of you still need to take Friday’s math quiz. Yeeikes! 

Don’t forget about Acellus Science. It’s now open through lesson 26. You should plan on getting through at least lesson 18 today and be ready for your first big exam, lesson 27, on Friday.

So have at it!  Work hard so you can do better things when you come to in-person school soon!

Happy Friday!

Well, some of you are probably still stinging from your progress reports. Others, such as Liam, Bre, Keila, Jordann, and several others probably got a lot of hugs and kisses from the folks. I’m really not assigning very much work so there is NO EXCUSE for being behind.

Lexia—As of 2 pm yesterday, Isaiah, Gabe, Kylie, Damon, Dayton, Damien, McKinna, Karsyn, and Rachael all still needed to take their Lexia placement test. We’re going to be hearing from Mr. Davenport soon if you don’t! Please go do that TODAY! You get there through Clever. Thanks.

Today’s Zoom session is at 1pm. I’ll figure out how to post the invite before then. It’s whole group, and you may bring something IMPORTANT to you to share if you wish. In the meantime, you have a Goggle Classroom session at 8:30. Google Classroom sessions are NOT OPTIONAL. You are ALWAYS supposed to be there. Today we’re creating lists of our favorite movies. That should be good. Also, Waylon, you have a special Zoom session with Mrs. McCarty at 10:30.

You also have a history lesson and a short reading assignment to go with it, Boy Part 13, and your usual PE & Reading Log. It’s free choice day for PE, and you have a math quiz based on your homework sheets (if you haven’t been doing them, today’s the day you will pay for it). It’s in Classwork.

You also need to finish lesson 11 in Acellus Science and do at least 20 minutes in Happy Numbers. Finally, those of you who are behind need to catch up on ALL the stiff on your Progress Report. I will hate to have to bug your parents over the weekend. Thank you to all of you who are trying your very best. You are awesome! 

Thursday, Sept 24

I’m going to have to start KICKING KIDS OUT of Zoom meetings when they show up at the wrong time. Yesterday, we had a whole bunch of people go to the 9:30 meeting when they were supposed to be at the 10:30 meeting. As a result, we didn’t have a good 10:30 session and we had too many readers in the 9:30 session!  Ugh!!! Here are your groups for TODAY (Noticed I switched your times):

Groups W & 7 meet at 9:30 (Group W: Daimon, Kaleb, Daimien, Max, Sea, Connor, Gabe, and Quinton); (Group 7: Rachel, McKinna, Shayla, Maizie, Keila) 

Groups Z & 4 meet at 10:30 (Group Z: Liam, Cash, Isaiah, Damon, Waylon, Dayton, Dom, Karysn); (Group 4: Jordann, Bre, Scarlet, Kylie, Roxy, and Kelsi)

Last chance to get caught up on stuff before I zing you with a progress report. This one goes to YOUR PARENTS, not just to you. Make sure you’re clicking SUBMIT on every FORM and “Turn in Work” in Classwork. Make sure you’re caught up with your minutes in Math Facts (40), Lexia (60), and Happy Numbers (80).

I also have a history entry (short), Boy Part 12 (which includes “Little Ellis and the Boil!”), and of course your reading and PE log.  Remember, you’re supposed to read for at least twenty minutes 5 nights a week. That means you need 100 minutes every week recorded on your log! You also have a short debate article in Storyworks about the TikTik app and Math Homework Sheet F.

One bonus today…we slopped through The Enormous Crocodile in Zoom. I know it’s tough to read on a shared screen and stuff, but I want you to re-read it on your own along with an AUDIBLE book. All you have to do is follow along with your eyes. It is posted in Classwork.

Finally, congrats to everyone who competed in yesterday’s Mini Math Match. Top three finishers this time were Liam, Keila, and Domenic.  They earned donut badges! Great job everyone! 

Here’s Wednesday!

I hate to say it. I really do. But some of you are falling behind! Yikes! Let’s review the basic schedule:  8 a.m.–start your day HERE on the Daily Platypus to review what’s up;           8:30 a.m.participate in the Google Classroom interactive session; 9:30 or 10:30 attend your Zoom session; the rest of the day, work independently on ALL the items from the day’s checklist (which is in Classwork). 

Today we’re trying our first Mini Math competition. Be in Classroom at 8:15 to get the problems in advance (much easier that way). The game starts at 8:35.

In Zoom groups Z & 4 meet at 9:30 (Group Z: Liam, Cash, Isaiah, Damon, Waylon, Dayton, Dom, Karysn); (Group 4: Jordann, Bre, Scarlet, Kylie, Roxy, and Kelsi)

Groups W & 7 meet at 10:30 (Group W: Daimon, Kaleb, Daimien, Max, Sea, Connor, Gabe, and Quinton); (Group 7: Rachel, McKinna, Shayla, Maizie, Keila) 

If your time doesn’t work very well for you, let me know and I’ll work something out.

PE: We want you to have tried all the PE workouts listed by Friday so that we can vote one of them off the island. So do a workout and report it on your PE & Reading Log. By the way, MANY of you aren’t filling out your reading log every day. I hate to say this, too, but if you keep ignoring it, you’ll get an F in reading come Thanksgiving. That’d kinda stink, wouldn’t it?

History: Explorers and Horses

Reading: Dog People and quiz in Storyworks.

Science: Acellus science lessons 4 and 5, plus my follow-up video

Math: Happy Numbers (you should finish the day with at least 60 minutes) and math homework sheet E (self-correct as practice for Friday’s quiz). Re-watch my video from Monday if you’re lost.  

Read Aloud: Boy Part 11–The Dreaded Captain Hardcastle! Ugh!

Tuesday, Sept 22

The big change today is that we’re meeting in smaller groups for Zoom. Group Z meets at 9:30, Group 4 meets at 10, Group W meets at 10:30, and Group 7 meets at 11. I’ll post the invite at 9:30 in Classroom. Just join us at your time. If you have a conflict, let me know ahead of time and we’ll put you in a different group today. We’ll be reading together from a short Roald Dahl book…a ton of fun, but don’t miss it or it won’t make any sense tomorrow. It’ll be like walking into a movie theater half way through Black Panther. You’d be totally lost!

You still have Google Classroom at 8:30. Today we’re creating lists of disgusting food. What are the most disgusting things foods? Maybe it’s something people actually eat but you don’t ever want to try. Or maybe it’s something you have tried and you discovered it was wicked awful. Maybe it’s the lasagna you dad cooked last night!  Anyway, crazy list writing is always fun, so make sure you’re there!

Otherwise you have the usual stuff: 20 minutes of Lexia, 20 minutes of Math Facts in Acellus, 20 minutes of Happy Numbers, math sheet C AND math sheet D (re-watch my math video if they look confusing), and your PE & Reading Log. Remember, you should be reading from a CHAPTER BOOK you can report on at the end of the month. If not, you need to choose something and get rolling!

Finally, there’s an awesome history lesson on Vikings and Part 10 of Boy, and a Storyworks article about an escaped alligator. He might be in your bathtub right now! Watch out!

Monday, Monday, Monday!

New this week: Acellus science! You’ll be learning about classifying and taxonomy, which can be really fascinating. I introduce things in my weekly video (below) by showing you a pitfall trap, a clever way to see what kind of creatures are living in your yard. In Acellus, you’ll have assignments on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please do only what’s assigned even if the program says you can move on. Today you’re only doing lessons 2 & 3: classifying.

Also new this week, you’ll have a math quiz on Friday to go with your homework sheets. Watch my math video and then do worksheet A. Make sure you understand it so that you can pass Friday’s quiz. You also still need to do 20 minutes of Happy Numbers.

I know from PET DAY that you guys LOVE dogs. The first dogs were wild dogs like wolves and dingoes, so where did all these other ones come from? I’m excited to share a Storyworks article about The History of Dogs. It comes with a Google form in which you have to write out a summary, so read the instructions carefully.

You also have the usual PE and Reading Log, Part 9 of our read aloud, Boy, and a history lesson about Marco Polo. And of course, you have your 8:30 Google Classroom session (a fun “clicker question,” and a Zoom meeting (Groups Z & 4 at 9:30; Groups W & 7 at 10:30). See you there!.