March Students-of-the-Month!

Congratulations to Ezra B. and Tatum H. for being named Room 15’s students-of-the-month for March. Ezra has earned this award because of his high-level of respectful behavior in class. He is always listening, on-task, and quiet. He makes every day easier for all the rest of us. Thank you, Ezra for being such a positive person!  Tatum earned the award because he is always participating and working hard to be a superstar, both academically and behaviorally. His enthusiasm for the classroom is a tremendous blessing! Great job Ezra and Tatum!  

Updated Event Schedule

Elk Creek bicycle trip — May 3rd

DARE Graduation — May 17th, 1:00 p.m.

Link Up Music field trip — May 23rd

Adopt-a-Street Clean-up — May 24th

Memorial Day holiday — May 27th

Coast Trip Parent Meeting — May 29th, 5:30 p.m.

DARE Day — May 31st

Scenic Middle School tour — June 4

Jacksonville Cemetery, Pre-Outdoor Ed — June 5

Oregon Coast Outdoor Ed — Jun 6 & 7

5th Grade Party — June 10th, 2:45 p.m.

5th Grade Baby Picture Program — June 14th

February Students of the Month

Congrats to Lillian F. and Halle H. for earning Room 15’s Student-of-the-Month Award. Lillian and Halle consistently demonstrate positive behavior, good attitudes, and strong work ethic. They’re quick to participate in classroom discussions and activities, they’re engaged in learning, and they work hard to get good grades. Thank you, Lillian and Halle, for being such model students! 

Floor Hockey Tourney

For those of you interested in attending one of our school floor hockey matches, here are the days and times for my class:
Fri. 2/23 — 11:15 vs Hadley
Tue. 2/27 — 10:45 vs Torrey
Wed. 2/28 — 11:15 vs Kuhlman
Fri. 3/1 — 11:15 vs McNeil
Mon. 3/4 — 10:45 vs Andersen
Fri. 3/8 — 10:45 vs Hadley
Mon. 3/11 — 11:15 vs Torrey
Thur. 3/14 — 1:00 Championship and Student vs Staff Match
The schedule is always subject to change, especially when there is inclement weather.
Please be reminded that students have to have completed their homework the night before and be up-to-date on select classroom tasks to be eligible to play.

January Students-of-the-Month

Congrats to our students-of-the-month, Lex Caldwell and Alice Childress. Lex earned this award by consistently working hard in class and to produce quality results, and for improving his citizenship. Alice is receiving the award because of her excellent grades and quiet demeanor. She is currently near the top of the class and she is consistently quiet and well-behaved. Thank you, Lex and Alice, for your positive contributions to our classroom. 

Door Decor Contest

Alice and Jaelyn led our door decorating team to a “Most Creative Design” Award in the first annual CPE Christmas Door Decor Contest. The girls designed featured the book cover from our favorite (so far) book, The Twits, by Roald Dahl. They then altered the design to give it its Christmas theme. Great job, girls! 

November Students of the Month

Congrats to Gracelynn P. and Collin F. for being named Room 15’s Students-of-the-Month for November. Gracelynn and Collin earned the award for their performances in our Goldilocks plays. Gracelynn worked exceptionally hard to successfully memorize a truly challenging part, while Collin brought a high level of creativity to his. That, combined with their general good citizenship, positive attitude, and strong effort in class earned them their recognition. Great job, Gracelynn and Collin!

Goldilocks Plays

The kids did a FANTASTIC job on our Goldilocks plays. Check out Collin ‘s superstar performance as Papa Bear! How about Lex’s exceptionally authentic Voiceover? And think about how hard Gracelynn must have worked to memorize such a challenging part! All the kids did GREAT! Though the videos themselves are of poor quality, you can watch them both plays here. They’re unlisted YouTube links, so if you’re sharing them with family, know that they WON’T come up on a YouTube search. They’ll have to access them here on the Platy. Playback tips: 1. Allow the video to fully load before playing; 2. Crank up the volume.