Upcoming Field Trips

Rogue River Preserve - Fall in the FieldOn May 20th, June 4th, and June 11th the fifth-grade classes will be taking field trips to the Rogue Nature Preserve near Sams Valley.  On these days, we plan to leave campus at 9:15 a.m. and we will return to school at 12:40 p.m.  In order to maximize our brief time at the Preserve, students will be provided with a snack at the Preserve.  When we return to school, students may pick up a sack lunch from the cafeteria to take home to eat.  Here’s a list of the gear your child will need to bring on our field trip days: 

  • long pants (There’s a lot of poison oak at the preserve!)
  • a long-sleeved shirt (for sun protection and/or poison oak protection)
  • comfortable shoes for hiking (sandals are not appropriate)
  • a quart of drinking water (there’s no drinking water at the preserve)
  • a backpack for carrying water and any extra clothing layers
  • sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses
  • work gloves (optional but highly recommended)

The kids will be hiking to one of three “stations,” and during each of the three visits, the stations will change. Over the three trips, kids will be bird watching, identifying native plant species, taking water samples, nature journaling, orienteering, learning how to skip rocks, and performing stewardship tasks. 

Students took home permissions slips and liability forms on Friday the 14th, but if you didn;t get them, click here.  Both the school’s permission slip and the Preserve’s liability form are required to attend.  If you have any questions, please reach out via email, ParentSquare, or phone. Thanks!

Doggie Doo Doo Art Contest

The students have approved using student body funds to purchase four dog waste stations for the CPE campus. Now it’s your turn to “leave your mark” on the project. Watch this video to find our how you might be able to design the sign for the stations. The finished signs should by 12 x 18 and should clearly express the purpose of the stations. Deadline for submissions is April 15th.

48 Hour Screen Time Challenge!

Can you go 48 hours without screen time? If so, prove it!  

The challenge is totally voluntary, and there’s no reward except the knowledge you’ve achieved it. Here are the rules:

You must go 48 hours without screen time. That means no social media (like Facebook or Snapchat), no video channels (like YouTube and TikTok), and no TV. It means no video games and no internet (which means you’ll need to get your school work done BEFORE you start). It also means no email. You can use your phone to make and receive calls, but texting is off limits. You can use your phone to take pics, but sharing or posting them is a no go. The best strategy is just to turn off all your personal devices and not even touch them. Leave the room when a family member is using their device. Go play. Go read. Go outside.

You can do the challenge on Friday and Saturday, or you can go Saturday or Sunday. To prove your success, write down your starting day and time and your ending time. Keep a list of the things you did instead of screen time. At the bottom of the paper, write the statement, “My kid survived 48 hours without any screen time.” Have a parent sign it.

I’m taking the challenge. How about you? Can you do it?

MLK Black History Month Plays

Listen to the other two plays BEFORE you listen to your own. I suggest listening to one play in the morning, one before lunch, and your own right after lunch. We stumbled through these plays, but plays like this, especially online, are tough. Ask yourself these things: 1.) What did you learn about Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement?  2.) What did you learn about racism?  3.) What did you learn about yourself? Could you have done better? How so? 

In the Jailhouse with Dr. King

MLK’s Freedom March

Martin’s Big Dream 

The Day I Met… paragraphs

The day I met Ariana Grande By: Roxy Wilson

It was just a normal day at central park until Ariana Grande popped up out of nowhere, everyone was taking her photos. They were taking videos of her. It seemed almost impossible to get to say “hi” to her but I managed to get through. We had a WHOLE conversion. It was crazy. We had so much fun I got her phone number and we call everyday now. She’s so funny and she’s my best friend, sorry Kelsi, Ariana Is so fun to call with and I’m so happy I got to meet her.

The day I met Steph Curry By Max

Me my dad my mom and my big brother Tre went to A golden state warriors game and we sit down, 15 minutes before the game one of the staff came to get me and my family and took us to the locker room, with out any of me and my mom and dad knowing somehow my brother organize a meet and greet with me and Steph Curry i was so excited to meet him and then there was 5 minutes before the game he has to go out and warm up so he gives me a pair of his shoes and signs them, When we were watching the game they were playing against the blazers tied at 69-69 warriors ball 9 seconds left when kevin durant throw the curry got it with only 3 seconds let he goes for a deep three AND HE SCORES the warriors win the game i got to eat dinner with the Team and desert after the game them we went home. The day I met steph curry was the best day of my life. 

The day I met Slenderman by: Shayla

I was sitting at the doctor’s office when Slenderman walked in. He came up to me knowing I was scared and told me not to be afraid. But when he sat down next to me he looked very terrified. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he had trypanophobia and he was getting a shot today. I told him to not worry because they don’t really hurt and they only feel like a little pinch. Then that very second the doctor walked in and called Slenderman in. After a couple of minutes he walked out happily saying that it didn’t really hurt. I still wonder to this day if he is still scared of needles.

I meet Kevin Hart by Cash

One day I was at the doller store getting batteries when I met Kevin Hart. He was getting fortnite cards for his kids. Then I asked for his autograph and he signed my shirt. And he did sign my shirt. And I asked why you want to be a comedian. And he paid for his stuff and walked away. And tell this day I still wonder why he wanted to be a comedian.

The day I met ryan Reynolds by isaiah

I was playing football and I saw Ryan Reynolds crossing a toddlers ankles in basketball. He jumped in the air and dunked it and the toddler went flying. It was kinda comical Then I approached him and I started asking if he’s going to make another movie. He said he lives in Antarctica. I was confused about what he was trying to say but I went along with it. It was cool to see him here and talk to him. He started to play football with me and he threw the ball so hard it hit the toddler that went flying remember that. The toddler went flying again so Ryan Reynolds ran into his free candy truck. That day was so crazy.

The Day I Met Shawn Mendes! By Maizie Foster 

One day I was taking my dog on a walk but then I saw Shawn Mendes! I was so happy. I asked for his autograph and he said yes but then started walking with me! We ate food together, went to a park and even got ice cream! Did you know Shawn Mendes loves strawberry ice cream? He made my day.  Afterwards we both went home sick from all the Chinese food we ate. I went to bed and never saw him again.        

The Day I Met Harry houdini. By Bella Hannah

I was having a party at my house when Harry Houdini showed up. He introduced himself and put on a show. I said ” Wow that was awesome”. Then I said Didn’t you die?” He said ” I’ve just relaxin’”. And then he disappeared. To this day I’ve been determined to be like him and the ppl who tried to stop me I slapped them.

The Day I Met Justin Beiber by Connor Vandyke

Yesterday I was riding my biThen Justin Beiber pulled up next to me in a limo. I thought it was a stranger, but then I saw it was Justin Beiber. He said “hello,” and I said “hello!!” He asked me if I wanted to go for a ride and I said no thank you. Everybody knows you don’t get in a car with a stranger like Justin Beiber. He said ok. They were about to leave and I  shouted, “Can I ask you a question?” I asked, “What is it like being famous?” He replied, “It’s unique.” Then my mom woke me up and I told her about my dream, and how I thought it was real.

The Day I Met Donald Trump by Scarlet Chilldress                     

I was at walmart and in the gun session I saw Donald Trump looking at all of the guns.He wanted the  newest gun but he didn’t have the money for it.So I went to him and gave him some money and he was so happy he took me to the White House.When we got there he said “Go and have fun and I will come Back later,” So I said ok and went to go have fun. The first thing I did was look into his work spot. It was so fun.Then he came back later and took me home and he said “Thank you so much for the money,” To this day I still wonder if he used it.

The Day I Met The Rock by Damien Parmenter

One day I was playing Call of Duty and The Rock came in and said “can I play”.I said yes and said I am a big fan and he said thanks but I just want to play ok.Ok is all I said but inside I was freaking out but I held it in and played. He gave me some tips on the game who thought that an action star or a pro wrestler would know so much about call of duty. He was really interested in my wrestling game and I don’t play it so I let him keep it. He said he had to go for dinner and I said ok. He said thanks for the game and left. It was so cool to meet him to this day. I am still so surprised I, some random kid, met Dewane The Rock Johnson. To this day I wonder what level he was on that game.

The Day I met George Washington By Kelsi Kramer

I  was in the rink watching my brother’s hockey game when George Washington came running in using a hockey stick as a cane. He asked me where he could find some food. I told him Starbucks and he asked  what that was.  I said it is a coffee shop where you can get food. He asked if there was any food here. I said yeah what do you want, “a burger” He said. He told me that in the old days hockey looked nothing like this. He told me some more about the old days than left to get his food.

I Met Aaron Rodgers By  Rachael  Snyder 

I met  Aaron Rodgers. It was the greatest thing that happened to me. I was in a football game the Packers were against the Dolphins.  The Packers won at the end of The Game. Aaron Rodgers came up to me.  I said I was  his biggest fan. I really wasn’t but I knew they were Even your bigger Fans. I was really excited  I said that.  He autographed my football and we took lots of pictures. Oh I forgot my best friend was with me. When we got home we had so much Junk food I was sick after that but it was probably the Funnest thing That happened.          This is not a real story.                                                                        

The Day I Met Elmo  by Keila Fernandez

I was going to the dentist office when Elmo rode up on a tricycle. He introduced himself and asked me where he could find Mulberry St. because his friend lives there. I screamed and said “get away from me creep.’’ He said “no no I just want to find Mulberry St.’’ I stopped screaming and said “hop in I will take you there.” He said “yay your so nice.’’ I said “I know just hurry up and get in.’’ He said ok and got in. The whole way there he sang the sesame St song. When we got to his friend’s house, He said “I will miss you,” and gave me twenty dollars for driving him to his friend’s house. To this day I will remember how scary he was and is.

 The Day I Met Mr.Beast.By Daimon.B

I was on a plane and I saw someone I’ve seen before on youtube. It was Chandler from the channel Mr.Beast. He made a call and I heard the person he was calling say yes and then he gave me $100,000,000 I said thanks to Chandler. Later Mr.Beast came and said so are you the one Chandler was talking about? I said yes I was Jimmy. Then he gave me free merch and another $100,000,000. Then I said Can I have an axolotl?” He said sure Can I have an autograph? I asked. He gave me an autograph and I said thanks Jimmy and I saw him every time I went on a plane.

The day I met Aurora by Mckinna Petersen

I was driving to the mall in my sports car and turned my head and saw Aurora in her pink and blue sports car heading to the store.I was going to Kohl’s to look around when I bumped into Aurora and was surprised it was her.She asked me if I could help her find something for Prince Phillip’s birthday. We looked around and I saw the perfect present. It was a nice pair of blue boots.She was so happy that she gave me a big hug. Aurora gave me a special invitation to Prince Phillips’ birthday. I was so excited and couldn’t believe my eyes that I met him. Aurora is so beautiful and sweet and can’t wait to see her again.

The Day I Met the Stars From Liv and Maddie!   By:Kylie Davis

Kaysley my little sister and I were playing outside of our house. When she claimed that she saw Liv and Maddie!! I thought that she was crazy and told her that it was probably someone who looked like them and we went inside.  After a little while I saw my friend Shaylee and Dream playing outside.  There was someone with them so I put on a coat and Kaysley and I  went over and there they were … … …  LIV AND MADDIE!!!!!!!!  I was so excited that I almost fell!!!! I could not believe that it was actually them.  We all asked them a LOT of questions and they had to leave.  I was sad but then they let me take a picture with my polaroid so now I can keep it forever.       

The Day I Met IHasCupquake by Jordann Barlow.  

The day I met a celebrity I was at my house playing roblox and IHasCupquake she wanted to play with me. We were playing hide and seek extreme. She won the game. I was the seeker. She was happy. We played like 50 more games. Then we played a game called eviction notice. It’s about a lot of mini games. You have to try to be house leader to evict someone or save someone.Then she left but she was a lot of fun to play with.

The Night I Met Spiderman by Dominic Rutigliano

 I was camping when Spiderman scared me. I heard some weird noises outside. I got out of my tent and Spiderman was standing outside. “I thought you were Bigfoot, what are you doing out here Spiderman,” I asked him. “I’m not Bigfoot but I’m out here searching for him.” he said. Spider Man asked me if I wanted to search for Bigfoot with him. I said “no thanks I’m going fishing early in the morning.” I went fishing and wondered if Spiderman ever found Bigfoot.  

The Day I Met Bindi Irwin By Breanne Korth

While I was looking at geodes I saw Bindi Irwin. She introduced herself and asked what rocks and crystals I have. I showed her my collection. I told her my favorite one was the Aurora Courtz. She said she loved the White Courtz. So I gave it to her then she brought out her collection, and I said, “Wow”! Then she said I best be going so she picked up all her rocks and left. I wonder if she still has that wonderful collection. 

The Day I Met Braydon Price By Gabe Chavez

I was going on a road trip. We stoped at a  reststop and I said HI.He said do you want  a pic, i said yes. He let me sit in the x3 and the dfender. And the I met him at mud bash. And I rode in the x3.then we did a fan ride.and he gave me a tshirt.

The Day I Met Jack Black by Karsyn Rhinehart                                                                     

It was just a normal day at the park. Me and my Sister were playing tag. when we saw someone coming to the park but i couldn’t see who it was. I thot it was more kids but then I saw a car I haven’t seen before. The person kept getting closer and closer Then released it was Jack Black I froze in shock why was Jack Black in my state. My Sister ran up to him and asked  Ja…..ck…..Black He looked at her she asked him why was he here. He said that he was on vacation and that he was coming to see his family. Me and my Sister shaked his hand and he said maybe you two could be in my next movie. Me and my sister were shocked when he said that. He said he’d see us later and Me and my Sister went inside and told Dad what happened. 

Holy Cow By: Liam Warner

I was eating lunch in a park when Post Malone walked up with a cow. I asked him what the cow was for.  He said ,“It is my emotional support animal.” He asked if his cow could eat here. I said he could have his cow eat green grass here. His cow sat down and started eating DIRT. I asked him why his cow was eating dirt. He said that it helped his cow calm down. That was the strangest lunch I’ve ever had.

February Daily Schedule

Session A  M/Th: Scarlet, Kylie, Shayla, Karsyn, Keila, Bre, Jordann, Dominic, Sean, Gabe, McKinna, Bella, Isaiah

Session B  Tues/F: Max, Maizie, Cash, Kelsi, Roxy, Liam, Connor, Daimon, Damien, Quinton, Damon 

Remote Only: Rachael, Waylon, Dayton, Kaleb

Students attend in-person two days a week and they attend via live-stream two days a week. Wednesdays are fully remote for all students. Students who opted for fully-remote will need to attend the live stream all four days. Whether at home or at school, here is the daily schedule:

8:00 Daily Business/Morning intro (all students, in-person and Zoom)

8:25 Reading (all students, in-person and Zoom)*

9:15 Fitness (at school); SeeSaw PE activity (at home)

9:35 History/Misc (all students, in-person and Zoom)

10:00 Recess (at school); Break (at home)

10:20 Vocab/Writing/Science (all-students, in-person and Zoom)*

10:50 Math (all-students, in-person and Zoom)

11:45 Read Aloud ((all students, in-person and Zoom)

12:00 Clean-up; Lunch prep (at school & home)

12:05 Recess and Lunch (at school and home)

1:00 Dismissal (at school)

1:00-2:00 Office hours (teacher available for questions/assistance for all students)

Post: Homework (all students): 20 minutes of reading, math homework sheet, and any work not completed during class