High School Award Winners

Here are some former Room 15 kids who are achieving greatness in high school!

At BIS: Freshman Principal’s Award Winners: Abigail Foster, LaKenya Jenkins, Olivia Fisher, Rayden Grant, Ryder Hvall; Junior Principal’s Award Winners: Elizabeth Lotts, Kaitlyn Hadley, Olivia Kuhlman; Senior Principal’s Award Winners: Zach Gerten, Sergio Mendoza.

Zach, Sergio, Kaitlyn, and Rayden also were awarded Biz Leads Awards for leadership and citizenship!  

At CAHPS: Freshman Principal’s Award Winners: Jonathan Elias, Zoie Emata, Alyssa Kilbane, Sidney Liles, Lilliana Reid, Amareni Sanchez, Amelia Turner; Junior Principal’s Award Winners: Kendra Rogers, Dylan Shook; Senior Principal’s Award Winners: Chloe Spencer

Special congrats to Chloe Spencer for being chosen Language Arts Student of the Year and to Alyssa Kilbane for being selected for a Compass Award. Click on their picture to here the award presentation given them by high school staff members.

Chloe Spencer–Language Arts Student-of-the-Year for CAHPS

Alyssa Kilbane, CAHPS Compass Award inner


Tues. Jun 2nd

So the big things this week are the Letter to Yourself at Graduation and the signing of the DARE banner.  Take your time to write a GREAT letter. You’ll be glad you did seven years from now.

DARE banner sessions are Thursday from 3 to 6 and next Tuesday from 11 to 2.  I’ll have a station set-up in the bus loop.  Bring your math text book, your library books, your letter, and your address. If possible, bring your own pencil, a sharpie, and a mask.

Today in class you have an article about kids escaping the Nazis during World War 2, a short story Meg wrote about a rooster, a short history entry, and the usual reading/PE log. You also have the conclusion to our special “Horse Show” read aloud.  As for math, we’re working on Long Division. I made you another video reviewing the steps. Do Worksheet C for classwork and Worksheet D for homework.


High School Graduates…

To all my former Room 15 rotters who are concluding their HS careers, I have your “letters to yourself at graduation.” I’ll be handing them out in the bus loop at CPE this Thursday from 3 to 6 p.m. and next Tuesday, June 9th, from 11 to 2. The letters will have been sterilized and we’ll stay six feet apart. It will be TREMENDOUS to see each of you.  If you can’t make it by, please email me at mack.lewis@district6.org with an updated address and I’ll put your letter in the mail.

Monday, June 1

It’s June already!  Despite what we’ve gone through with the pandemic, the year feels like it flew by. It seems like just a few weeks ago that we were training for the Mini Marathon, planting trees in Jo County, and starting to build our bird house. And before you know it, you’ll be walking into middle school!

This week we have some significant things going on. One of the most important is your Letters to Yourself at Graduation. We’ll start those TOMORROW. The other one is the signing of the DARE banner.  I will be at school on Thursday from 3:00 to 6:00 for you to stop by the school to sign the banner, get your DARE shirt,  and address your graduation letter envelope. I’d also like you to bring in your math text book, your library books, and anything else you need to turn in.  

As for today, you have a math lesson on long division. Watch my video and then do worksheet A for classwork and worksheet B for homework. You also have a short history lesson on The Great Depression, the usual reading and PE log, and an article from Storyworks called “Saving the Wolves.” There’s also a special read aloud in Classwork (Outdoor Dude will continue later in the week). We have a 9 a.m. clicker question interactive session in Classroom and a 1 pm Zoom meeting where I’ll explain how to write your graduation letter.


Fri May 29

It’s our second-to-last Friday together. I won’t be sad to give up remote instruction, but it bums me out that the school year is nearing the end without us getting to be together in class.  

Today you have a Super Sentence test (your last one) and a math quiz. Both are in Classwork along with an article about the sinking of the Lusitania. The Lusitania was a passenger ship like the Titanic. The Germans sunk it during World War 1, which brought America into the war.

You also have a history entry, a math homework sheet, and your reading log. For PE do the Room 15 stretching routine. You also need to read 2 or 3 more bird essays and leave comments about each of them. You’ll be graded on your comments.

In the read aloud, Yewbie is crossing the Knife’s Edge. Here’s a another picture of it.

It’s not so bad here, but take a look out there in the middle. It was a long way down on both sides!


Thur May 28

Hola, muchachos y muchachas! You should be conquering your Slides project this week. Make sure you follow the instructions posted in Classwork yesterday. It isn’t due until Sunday night, so you have plenty of time to work on it.  Of course, you can’t work on it until you’ve turned in your essay. As of right now, I only have finished essays from Preseligh, Ali, Madison, Brison, Gunnir, Riley, Zoe, Gavin, Kaidyn, Meg, Kenzie V, and Tahlor. If you don’t see your name here, either you haven’t submitted it or you didn’t submit it following the directions that were posted on Tuesday. Either way, you need to go take care of it!

Otherwise, in Classwork today you have an article called “The Pigeon Hero of World War 1,” a short infographic about hedgehogs, and your PE & reading log. We also have a 9 a.m. Super Sentence interactive session, but I will not be opening it until exactly at 9 a.m. I want all of you there and participating from 9 a.m. until 9:20 a.m. Set an alarm on your phone!

On the Platy we have a history entry about WW1, a literary terms entry, and math. For math your simply learning about percents. It’s super easy.  Watch the video and then do Worksheet H for classwork and Worksheet I for homework.  Use the key to make yourself better, not as a tool to become a wormy little miscreant cheater.  

I’ve started posting everyone’s bird research essays. Read two of them and leave a positive comment for the writer (no criticism at this stage). I’ll be asking you to read two or three each day for the next week.   Lastly, we have a 1 pm Zoom meeting.

Wed May 26

Don’t quit now! Although this home instruction may not be as interesting as the  regular classroom, there’s some awesome stuff upcoming. Your slide decks on your birds are going to be GREAT. We’ve got world wars, monsters of the deep, and space flight. We’ll finally be tackling long division so that someone other than Parker knows how to divide up the loot. We’ve got the signing of the Red Ribbon, the baby picture slide show, and your graduation letters (really important). So don’t go away. Hang with me for a couple more weeks!

Today in Classwork you have an article about the Titanic…it’s going to set sail again and you could go on it. Would you?  You also have a Super Sentences interactive session at 9 a.m., and your Slides assignment. Please be sure to read the instructions so that you do the project correctly.

On the Platy you have a triple history lesson, and your math assignment. It’s on probability. Watch my video and then do Worksheet C, checking your answers as you go. Your homework is Worksheet E. Finally, you have the next segment of Outdoor Dude.  Click on each of these pictures of my friends and me crossing “The Knife’s Edge.”


Tues May 26

Top of the morning to you, kids! I hope you had a pleasant weekend with your families. Today on the Platy you have history entries about the invention of plastic and the “discovery” of the North Pole.  You also have a new chapter of Outdoor Dude. Be sure to check out the video below to get a feel for being on the Knife’s Edge. Trust me, it is A LOT scarier in person than it is on video.  Math will be pretty easy for the next couple of days. Today we’re learning about ratio. Watch the video and than do page 585-586 in your text book and do problems #1-13. Check your work using this answer key, then do Worksheet B for homework (you’ll want to read page 586 first).

In Classwork you have your final draft of your bird research. I’ve included a video explaining how to put it all together and submit it. MAKE SURE YOU WATCH IT.  If you don’t follow directions I’ll simply return it and tell you to try again.  You also have a reading assignment from Storyworks about the discovery of the North Pole, and an art project called Design a Stamp. We’re also starting our day with a Super Sentences interactive session at 9 a.m. and we’ll be having a 1 pm Zoom meeting.

Another Fabulous Friday!

I’ve tried to keep it short today so that you can head into your Memorial Day Weekend early. As you go out to do stuff, though, please remember that it’s still important to socially distance, to wash hands frequently, and to wear masks when in public. If there’s any hope of us having a normal start of the school year in September, we have to make sure we don’t have a resurgence of the virus.

We have a 9 a.m. Zoom session this morning.  You also have your math quiz on dividing fractions. If you still don’t understand what you’re doing, don’t take the test until you’ve gone back and watched the videos and re-read pages 324 and 326 in your math text. There’s no homework today.

You have a cool history lesson about the San Francisco Earthquake and the invention of the ice cream cone (which is why we had yesterday’s clicker q.)  Be sure to watch the videos! To go with it, you have a Storyworks article and a short quiz (in Classwork). You still need to fill out your Reading Log. I’m hopeful you’re going to get a ton of exercise this weekend, so you can skip PE if you want. I’m not posting Outdoor Dude today. We’ll resume next week.  

Finally, you need to do your editing and revising assignment for your bird research. If you’re still behind after yesterday’s catch-up day, that’s on you. I guess you’ll need to spend some of your weekend getting caught up.  As of ten pm on Thursday night, I estimate TWELVE kids are caught up.  That’s it: 12.  Uh oh, Tongo!


Important Mumbo Jumbo for Thursday, May 21st

NO Zoom meeting today. Sorry. Let’s have one tomorrow at 9 a.m. instead of our interactive session. It’ll be brief, just a chance to say hello, see everybody’s bed head, and repeat these couple of important announcements: 1.) DARE. We had the Red Ribbon banner to sign and DARE shirts to give out, but you need to make sure you’ve done all your DARE Family Talks first. Go back and find those assignments and make sure you’ve submitted them. 2.) Today is a catch-up day for Bird Research Writing. By the end of the day you should have submitted all four of your paragraphs in DOCS, either individually or as ONE document. Tomorrow you’ll do your editing assignment (though I’ve opened the assignment early so you can get a head start if you want) and next week you’ll be submitting you final drafts and starting your slide deck. 3.) Tomorrow is your dividing fractions quiz. Make sure you’ve worked hard to truly understand how to do it.  By this time it should be easy. I’ve created another video as review. Do Worksheet H for classwork and Worksheet I for homework.

Otherwise, you have TWO reading assignments in Classwork, but one–about people trying to fly like birds–is really short. You also have a grammar activity and the usual reading and PE log (free choice today for PE). On the Platy you have a history entry about the Wright Brothers and the invention of the airplane. That’s it! Cake! 

No Outdoor Dude today (I used my read aloud time to review your bird paragraphs), but this video will kick-start your day!  You’ll have an idea what Yewbie is going through out there in the woods.