Read Aloud

The Witches Ch. 1 — A Note About Witches

The Witches Ch. 2 –– My Grandma

The Witches Ch. 3 — How to Recognize a Witch (note, the last 20 seconds were cut off, but I’ll include them with Chapter 4 tomorrow.)

The Witches Ch. 4 — The Grand High Witch

The Witches Chapter 5 — The Summer Holidays

The Witches Chapter 6 — The Meeting


Roald Dahl’s Guide to Railway Safety

About My Father by Ophelia Dahl

Roald Dahl’s Boy: Tales of Childhood Part 1: The Bicycle and the Sweet Shop.

Part 2: The Great Mouse Plot

Part 3: Mr. Coombes

Part 4: Mrs. Pratchett’s Revenge

Part 5: A Visit to the Doctor

Part 6: Boarding School

Part 7: The Matron

Part 8: Tweedie

Part 9: Homesickness

Part 10: A Drive in a Motor Car

Part 11: Captain Hardcastle

Part 12: Little Ellis & the Boil

Part 13: Goat’s Tobacco

Part 14: Chocolates

Part 15: Corkers

Going Solo: The Black Mamba

Going Solo: Simba

Going Solo: The Green Mamba


Here’s one of my favorite picture books: How Tom Beat Captain Najork and his Hired Sportsmen. It’s a crazy story about a kid who likes to fool around.

Here’s the sequel to How Tom Beat Captain Najork. It’s called A Near Thing for Captain Najork. After the Captain gets himself in a bit of a fix, Aunt Fidget Wonkham Strong must arm wrestle the headmistress of the girls’ boarding school for his affections. Fun!

In honor of Wild West Week, here’s Saving Sweetness by Diane Stanley, one of my all-time favorite picture books. It’s about a runaway orphan and the sheriff who done “saved” her. And here is the sequel, Raising Sweetness, which is about how Sweetness finds the sheriff a wife.

Leghorn by Watt Key–Wally was happy to have a new rooster in the yard, until he became convinced the rooster wanted to kill him.