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Because YouTube has been glitching a lot lately, I’m also posting Outdoor Dude chapters in Classwork. If you can’t access either one, let me know.  Also, don’t be afraid to tell me if the story gets boring, if it doesn’t sound like a kid talking, or if it seems “off.” Thanks!

Part Wimpy Kid, part I Survived, and part Hatchet, here’s our new read aloud: Outdoor Dude–The Knife’s Edge, Chapters 1 and 2 (Cowpies)

Outdoor Dude — Chapter 3 (Stuck)

Outdoor Dude — Chapter 4 (Marmots)

Outdoor Dude — Chapter 5 (Sword Fight)

Outdoor Dude — Chapter 6 (Frijoles! — That Means Beans!)

Outdoor Dude — Chapter 7 (Something’s Out There)

Outdoor Dude — Chapter 8 (Horse Poop)

Outdoor Dude — Chapter 9 (Milkshake)

Outdoor Dude–Chapter 10 (The Pit of Carkoon)

Outdoor Dude–Chapter 11 (Stab-Step)

Outdoor Dude–Chapter 12 (I Say Me)

Outdoor Dude–Chapter 13 (The Knife’s Edge)

Outdoor Dude–Chapter 14 (You Da Man!)

Here’s the sequel to How Tom Beat Captain Najork. It’s called A Near Thing for Captain Najork. After the Captain gets himself in a bit of a fix, Aunt Fidget Wonkham Strong must arm wrestle the headmistress of the girls’ boarding school for his affections. Fun!

Here’s one of my favorite picture books: How Tom Beat Captain Najork and his Hired Sportsmen. It’s a crazy story about a kid who likes to fool around.

In honor of Wild West Week, here’s Saving Sweetness by Diane Stanley, one of my all-time favorite picture books. It’s about a runaway orphan and the sheriff who done “saved” her. And here is the sequel, Raising Sweetness, which is about how Sweetness finds the sheriff a wife.

Leghorn, by Watt Key–Wally was happy to have a new rooster in the yard, until he became convinced the rooster wanted to kill him.

We read Ronald Kidd’s book about a kid who discovers a secret room where Edgar Allan Poe stories seem to come alive. Turn off your “auto play” tab in Youtube before listening. Thanks!

Room of Shadows Chapter 1

Room of Shadows Chapter 2

Room of Shadows Chapter 3

Room of Shadows Chapter 4: A Minute Before Midnight

Room of Shadows Chapter 5: Gravestones

Room of Shadows Chapter 6: Snakes and Scorpions and One-Eyed Dogs

Room of Shadows Chapter 7 Part A and Part B (my phone died in the middle of the recording, so there are two short segments)

Room of Shadows Chapter 8 & 9 (combo…about 9 minutes in all) — Thugs & Mummies!

Room of Shadows Chapters 10 & 11 –The Raven

Room of Shadows Chapter 12 — Coffin

Room of Shadows Chapter 13 — L is for Loser

Room of Shadows Chapter 14 — Acid

Room of Shadows Ch 15 & 16

Room of Shadows Ch 17

Room of Shadows Ch 18

Room of Shadows Ch 19 & 20 — A Muffled Scream

Room of Shadows Ch 21 & 22 — Oh, Shut Up!

Room of Shadows Ch 23 & 24

Room of Shadows Ch 25 — Green Stuff Came Out

Room of Shadows Ch 26 & 27

Room of Shadows Ch 28 & 29 (The Climax!)

Room of Shadows Ch 30 — The Conclusion