American Kestrel

by Kaidyn

Have you ever wondered what the American Kestrel looks like? The American Kestrel has black spots all over its body and its beak is a litte curved. On top of his head is a blue line that goes all the way to his back. He stands 9 in to a ft tall. He is pretty big for the smallest falcon. He weighs up to 3 to 6 ounces. That’s how much a kitten weighs His wingspan is 20.1-24.0 inches and when he is flying you can see his orange tail. Whoa! That is half as tall as me and I’m 4 ft 6. That is what the American Kestrel looks like.

Have you ever wondered where the American Kestrel lives? It’s a unique bird because it can live in grassy wooded areas to deserts and even the city. It must have high areas to look at and open space for hunting. It is able to live in very cold to very hot conditions and really high elevations. That’s pretty amazing. The kestrel has been found from Northern Canada to the Southern tip of South America and as high as 15,00 ft in the andes mountains. That’s a huge population. American Kestrels are attracted to many places people made, including pastures and parkland, and are often found around towns and cities. I’ve never seen a kestrel. And that’s all you need to know about the kestrels’ habitat. 

Have you ever wondered what the American Kestrels diet is? The main diet of a kestel is meat that makes it a carnivore. It likes to eat insects and small rodents and occasionally other birds. It likes to perch high so it can watch its prey on the ground. It will swoop down and snag its meal in its claws. Fun fact: the kestel can see ultraviolet light. Being able to see ultraviolet is very useful for hunting its prey. Kestrels sometimes eat red squirrels and Northern Flickers. Those are some big boys right there. That is all you need to know about the kestrel’s diet. 

            The kestrel is not endangered because it has enough trees and animals. The american kestrel is a cool bird, It would be really cool to do this again. As I was saying. It likes to eat a lot. I think it needs to go on a diet. It lives in a lot of places, I can’t count them. I can’t believe that it can make all of those places home. I can only live in one place at once, not a million. That’s it thank you for reading, This was a cool experience if I did it again i would do better  

by Laken

            The American Kestrel is a very cool bird let me give you some reasons why. The American Kestrel is a very colorful bird. It has black spots all over its body and has a tan chest. Its wings are white and black as well as its head. It has a bunch of different colors such as brown, red, tan, and white. It is majestic. People all around the world love kestrels like me. People love it because of its colors. However i love it because of what it flies like.

            These wonderful birds nest 10 feet in the air. each nesting box has to be at least half a mile apart. they nest all around the world. Normally in woodlands. Ten feet is not that high for other birds that nest. The peregrine falcon nests ten thousand feet high! That is a thousand times much as the American Kestrels. That is astonishing.

            American Kestrels eat mostly insects and other invertebrates, as well as small rodents and birds. Common foods include grasshoppers, cicadas, beetles, and dragonflies; scorpions and spiders; butterflies and moths; voles, mice, shrews, bats, and small songbirds. That is a lot of insects and rodents. The american kestrel must have an easy meal. Those insects lie all around. It must be easy finding all of those insects. But it sure isn’t easy catching them.

            No the American Kestrel is not endangered. Least concern because they fly all around the world. It wont die out. Some birds are like the internet; they won’t die out unless you kill them. Wait that doesn’t make any sense. Why do I say things like this? I am so weird


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