Black-capped Chickadee

by Madison

The Black-capped chickadee is a beautiful bird. it is known for its black cap. it is very cute and fluffy and its wingspan is 8.5 in and it’s party it can be up to 4.75 to 5.75  inches long. he has black on top of his head garea that why on its belly and the back of its neck and a black bits the males and females can be told apart but it is very hard to tell the females bib is smaller than the males.  they can fly up to 12 to 13 miles per hour with a bouncy flight.

            You can find the black-capped chickadee in evergreen forest, and Forest as it is, Willows, and cottonwoods. The Black Cat Chickadees  habitat is not declining. Which is good because birds eat bugs. adult chickadees do not migrate. But the young do. The  benefits of having black-capped chickadees in your backyard is that they will eat insect eggs, larvae, spiders, weevils, life, stop lies, and other small pests and pupae. If you ask me nobody would want larvae, life, and saw flies in their backyard. The black-capped chickadee survives in the wild by lowering its temperature on command. That is a pretty cool thing that helps you stay warm. 

            “The black-capped chickadee is easily seen eating seeds, berries, and suet.  To attract the black-capped chickadee to your yard you should offer food, water, nesting boxes and nesting sites. If you want other birds including the black capped chickadee to come to your yard you should use a tube feeder. The tube feeder is the best one to use. foods you should use to attract it are seeds, berries, insects,  vertebrates,  small portions of suet, and peanut butter.I think this bird would be pretty cute if it were seen eating peanut butter.”

            The black-capped chickadee is not threatened or endangered.I’m glad that the black-capped chickadee is not endangered because it is my favorite bird. The Predators the black-capped chickadees are hawks, Northern strike, snakes, weasels, Chipmunks, mice, squirrels.I don’t know how a squirrel kills a bird but it’s probably not fun to watch. Climate change  does not have an effect on the black-capped chickadee yet. and there are not any other issues worth talking about. 


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  1. I like how you used a lot of detail, but you did not put capitals at the beginning of the sentence.

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