Western Screech Owl

by Parker

I think that the western screech owl is a very rustic looking bird. First of all it isn’t that colorful. The reason I say it looks rustic is because of the coloring the colors of the Western screech owl is only grey, black, or white if you’re talking about the brown morf well it is exactly what it says it is: different shades of brown. It has a very distinctive nose.  Even though they are essentially different colors they still have a few things in common like the black spot right above their beak. The males have slightly brighter colors and are larger than females, but females have a larger wingspan by one inch. The Western screech owl is around seven to ten inches which is around the size of a robin, but  the Western screech owl is in the true owl family. Its wingspan is about two feet except males have twenty-one ince wingspan whereas the females have twenty-two inch wingspan, but they are still gliders. The thing I like the most about the Western screech owl is the size and the fact that you can make a good nesting box for it and it is not that hard.

The western screech owl does not make a nest however the male does find a tree cavity one foot in in diameter and 1 to 1.5 feet deep. The western does not build a nest in the tree cavity. They normally live at altitudes 1,400meters from sea level but they still live in the mountains around us and in the valle in trees sometimes they nest in nesting boxes too. Except if the hole is less or more than three inches or else they will not nest in it. They do steal other bird species nests sometimes too. male Western screech owls will kill an animal and the smell will attract female Western screech owls. screech owls nest in tree cavities 20 feet up, but there have been a few Western screech owls sightings fifty feet up. They normally nest in deciduous trees. The western screech owl doesn’t only nest they may use the same cavity for Years.

The Western screech owl eats all types of nutritious tiny rodents. It eats mostly small rodents like mice and shrews (Shrews are like mice but with the nose of an anteater).  Gross! I wouldn’t want to eat shrews! That means that the western screech owl is a carnivore that means that it only eats animals, but they are also invertivores which means they eat insects two. Here is an interesting fact: the western screech owl was mistaken for the eastern screech owl.  The way the western screech owl catches its prey is it normally waits on a branch and then swoops down. It can’t be really heard when swooping down so that it helps it catch its prey.

The western screech owl is not endangered, but they are decreasing. The western screech owl population is decreasing due to habitat loss. Even though the western screech owl is not endangered it is still being affected by climate change. By the time 2080 the western screech owl will have to migrate to the east. If you want to see one you might want to take a trip to New York. I think that if you want to still be able to see the natural beauty that is the western screech owl we need to do everything in our power to help. You can help by making a donation to a wildlife conservatory. You can also help by either spending money for a special window or you can put a little reflective tape on your window or near it. So let’s save the western screech owl.