How To Bathe Your Dog by Presleigh T.

Bathing a dog isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it. First, you need to fill the bathtub up with warm water. Dogs do not like waiting around for this part. Next, you need to catch the dog. Sometimes they are not as excited about it as you are. After that, put your dog into the nice warm water and grab the shampoo. You will need to lather them up really good and then rinse them off. Finally, you need to drain the bathtub. Wrap your dog in a big towel and dry them off really good. Don’t be surprised if you are as wet as your dog at the end.

How I make scrambled eggs by Tahlor A.

First you get two eggs for yourself out of the carton.Then you get a bowl.Then you crack the eggs in the bowl.Then you pour a little bit of milk in your bowl.Then you stir the egg mix with a fork.Then you put the pan on the stove then spray cooking spray on the pan and put the egg mix on the pan and put pepper in it and stir it.Then you wait for it to cook.When it is done cooking you put cheese on it and put it on a plate and your done

Untitled by Brison A.

Ice skating is easy if you know the steps. First you get on your skates.  Make sure you lace them tightly so they’re not loose. Then you get on the ice.When you get on the ice grab onto the boards. Lastly you try it without the boards. When you let go of the boards you push off with your right foot the  left.It is really easy once you get the hang of it.

How to jump a scooter by Gunnir Yarnell

This is how I learned to jump a scooter. First you need a scooter. I use a razor scooter and it works great. Now you need to put your front wheel up without falling. Just like how you would do a wheelie,but make sure you have a good balance. After you master that, learn to shift your weight upfront. Make sure that the back wheel comes up like a back wheelie. Then once you don’t fall, you pull the handle up with your body to jump. It’s best to have feet sideways, then push yourself up while pulling on the handles. I really like riding scooters and I hope you do too.

Brook’s how to perfect paragraph by Brook R.

Here’s how to make the perfect PB and J sandwich. First get your supplies. You’ll need two slices of your favorite bread, a butter knife, a jar of peanut butter, and a jar of jelly. Lay your two slices of bread flat on your workspace. Make sure your two slices of bread match each other, as sometimes bread can be misshaped and can lead to exposed peanut butter or jelly. Spread some peanut butter on one slice and some jelly on the other. Make sure you have the perfect ratio of peanut butter to jelly. Now put the two slices of bread together (if you want you can cut the crust off) now you have yourself the perfect PB and J sandwich!

Untitled by Madson K.

Taking your dog for a walk is easy if you know the steps. First you tell him/her that you are going for a walk. It is good if they get happy because they know what you are doing. Next you put him/her on a leash. It is better if you use a harness with your dog instead of a collar. After that you put on your shoes. If your dog likes to run, pick good running shoes.  Finally you go outside with your dog. I love to take my dogs on a walk. Make sure you bring a water bottle and poop bags.

How to make tater tots by Parker K.

It is easy to make tater tots if you read the package. First you need to preheat the oven to 450 degrees fahrenheit. If you are doing the tater tots in the electrical deep fryer you preheat the oil to 375 degree fahrenheit. Step two arrange the frozen tater tots in a single layer on an 11by 17 inch baking sheet. If you are making them in an electrical deep fryer you fill the basket half way full and then slowly lower the basket into hot oil. Step three put the tater tots in the oven and then set a timer for 28-32 minutes. If you are doing it in the electrical deep fryer then you only fry it for 3-4 minutes. And that is how you make tater tots.

How to do a Diamond Art by Meg V.

Step one, take your Diamond Art out of the package, but DO NOT remove the plastic cover. Step two, take ONE layer of the wax off, and dip the pen into it. Step three, now your pen can pick up the tiny gems, but make sure to label which they are in containers, so they don’t scatter over the table you are using. Step four, now grab the pen with wax, and grab the first color according to the code. Helpful tip; Make sure to keep the plastic on because dust will make the gems stick worse, and if you try to clean your finished work it will fall off. Step five, work from corner to side, and corner again. Step six, you should be neering the middle now, so go ahead and rip off that plastic! Do this just by picking up one whole side, and be careful not to ruin the work on the opposite side. Step seven, done! Just wait a day, and then run a moist towel over your work to clean off dust, but not to the point it is dripping, the fabric could lose the stick, and no more gems.. Step eight, just because you’re done with the wax, you should know how to use these things after, recover the wax, so you can use it in your next project. Pull out any extra wax, so the pen can still be used. Extra gems? Glue them to paper, and make a poster. Step nine, (optional) Cut about a centimeter away from the design. Step ten, (last) (optional) Turn a bag inside out, and then place the design face down, sew and turn right side out, and ‘viola!

How to make pancakes by Kenzie v.

You can  make pancakes many ways. My favorite way is from scratch. First you have to make the mix. You start with one cup of flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder, ½ tablespoon of sugar, ½ teaspoon of salt, 1 egg ¾ cup of milk, ¼ tablespoon of vanilla extract, and 1 tablespoon of melted butter. Next you mix all together. I like to use an electric mixer. After  that you warm up a pan on the stove. No you can not use a microwave. Once it’s hot you put butter on the pan. Next you put as much batter as you want. But don’t put too much. Once the bubbles pop you flip the pancake. Let the other side cook and dive in. That’s how you make delicious pancakes.

How To Make Top Ramen by Riley L.

Making Top Ramen is easy if you read the directions. First, you have to get a pot of boiling water. The pot should not be too big but also not too small. Next, you have to put the Ramen noodles in the boiling water. Put the noodles in carefully so you don’t splash the hot water on you. After that, you let the noodles cook for 2 minutes and then they are done. When they are cooking you should set a timer so you don’t forget about them. Finally, add in the seasoning packet and stir it in. You should let them cool down a little bit before you eat them so you don’t burn your mouth. Making Top Ramen is so easy to make.

Untitled by Zoe H.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. First, i’m going to cook her breakfast. I’m going to cook her french toast. Next, i’m going to do a chore for her. I’m going to do the dishes. After that I will give her a present. I will give her a card. Finally, I will take the dog on a walk. The walk will be ten minutes long. I hope my mom will have a good Mother’s Day.

Untitled by Garret V.

Making homemade pizza is easy if you know the steps. First you put the pizza on the plate. I order pizza so that I can just put it in the oven. You should make sure the oven is on. After that you put it in the oven. You should make sure the temperature is 450 degrees. Finally, you take it out and enjoy it. I just love pizza. Okay maybe it isn’t homemade but it’s still great!.

Making Eggs by Bethany

Making eggs will be easy once I explain it to you. First you gather your ingredients, a pan, a spatula, butter, eggs, and spices. Next you turn on the oven, put your pan on the oven, slice a piece of butter on the pan and let it melt. The butter makes sure the eggs don’t stick to the pan, and it happens to add flavor! When the butter is melted, then we crack the eggs into the pan. Make sure not to drop any shells in the pan. Once the eggs start cooking, let’s add the seasoning on the eggs. Make sure not to add too much salt, it will ruin the eggs. Now the eggs are half way cooked,carefully flip them over. I like mine well done. Finally you can serve them up on a plate and eat. I will never tell you my secret ingredient!

Untitled by Gavin

Making Peanut Butter Cookies is really easy if you know the steps. First open the package. I like using family size packages to get more cookies. Next pour it into the bowl. You should preheat the oven to whatever the package shows. Then add the rest of the ingredients and mix together. Next you get a spoonful and roll into a ball the use a fork to press cross marks on them. Finally, take them out of the oven and let cool a few minutes before enjoying. Peanut Butter Cookies are my absolute favorite. Maybe it’s not from scratch, but it’s super easy and they taste amazing.

Untitled by Sami

Walking a husky is good exercise, but you have to know the steps. The first step is that you have to choose a place to take them on the walk. Make sure you don’t go to far from your house.The next step is to get yourself ready. You should pick a good outfit for the weather. After that you need to get the dogs ready, by putting leashes on them. If you have a husky or a pitbull, like i do, you need to have a strong leash. Finally, you’re ready to take the dogs for a walk. I love walking my dogs Elvis, Tico,and Sami. If you follow these steps you and your dog are sure to get good exercise.

How to make hot pockets by Kaidyn

First you unwrap it and put the hot pocket inside the sleeve. Before you should let it thaw out. Next put it into the microwave for 2:10. After that, let it stay in the microwave for 2 minutes Then you fold the bottom and then let it cool down. You should see stuff coming out of it and that means it is ready. Finally you can eat it.

How to ride a skateboard by Ansen

First you want to see what way you stand on the board and what way feels better to ride on. See the way I do it I put my right foot in the back and my left foot in the front ,but you guys might be different. Well after you find out what way feels better you are going to put one foot on the ground,  then you are gonna push off that foot over and over again. Then you are gonna put that foot on the skateboard as fast as you can. Then you’re gonna face your feet the same direction on the board. From there you ride  and that’s how to ride a skateboard.

How To Make a good art piece by Laken

I love to draw! This is How To Draw A Person. First you draw an outline with pencil. Then after that you go over the outline with marker. Next you can add whatever you want as an accessory. Then You color it in. Personally i like marker but you can use colored pencils. I Love drawind!

Making Top Ramen by Brody

Making Top Ramen is easy if you know the steps. First you get the packet. I like to use scissors to open them but you can any way you want to. Next you put the packet in a pan. Make sure you set the oven to the correct temp. Then after it’s done, pour it out of the pan into a bowl. I think it’s best to use a ceramic bowl (if thats what theyre called).Next wait for it to cool down then eat it. That’s how you make a bowl of tasty Top Ramen.