Content During Remote Instruction

What will 5th Graders Be Expected to Do in Room 15 This Year?

A ton!

Although we’re distance learning, we’ve worked hard this summer creating a ton of materials for our students. Kids will be expected to do all of the following, but don’t worry! We aim to make it as awesome as we can!

Daily warm-up: Kids said that our daily interactive sessions in Google Classroom was THEIR FAVORITE part of our online learning last spring. We found fun, creative, and rewarding ways to write Super Sentences, to answer “Clicker Questions,” to create crazy lists, and to play the Mini Math game (for donuts!) — 30 to 45 minutes per day.

Reading: We’ll usually use our Zoom meetings for reading awesome articles from Scholastic’s Storyworks magazine. Some are challenging and others are short and simple, but they always cover neat stuff like poison arrow dart frogs, the invention of the trampoline, and killer disasters.  Storyworks is run by a friend of mine, Lauren Tarshis, the author of all those I Survived books. Sometimes, too, we’ll work on “Zoom-Aloud Plays” or poems.  Even my “tough-guy-boy” students say they love the way I do poems. You will too! — 60 minutes twice a week

Kids will be expected to work in Lexia, the online reading skills platform. The program is set up to let you work at your skill level, so you needn’t be worried about it being too hard or too easy. Plus, you can earn special rewards! –20 minutes at least three times a week.

You’ll also be expected to read one chapter book per month. To show that you took the time to read it well–to truly enjoy it–you’ll be asked to create a project such as a book talk, movie trailer, slide show, or something else for each of these books you read.

Math: We’ll be using an online platform called Happy Numbers for daily math (20 min/day) and Acellus for math facts (40 min/wk). I’ll also assign daily worksheets covering 5th grade math skills.

History: You’ll need to keep a journal of all our history lessons. I’ll post three a week on the class webpage, The Daily Platypus. All you have to do is copy each entry into your journal. Sometimes they comes with pictures to look at, videos to watch, or a short paragraph to read. Each history lesson builds on the last, so it’s important to keep up. – 15 minutes four times a week

Science:  We’ve purchased a subscription to Mystery Science, so once a week we’ll ask you to tackle one of the experiments. Most of the materials can be found around the house, but when they’re not, we’ll make them available via the bus route or bus loop.We’ll also use Acellus for basic science lessons.

Plus all the other stuff: We’ve got original PE lessons, art projects, story writing, slide shows, and awesome read alouds. We’ll post all this stuff on The Daily Platypus ( Go there and scroll back to see what kids were doing last year!

Alternative Activities: most of these activities cannot be duplicated offline, so if you’re unable to join us on the web, we’ll instead provide math, English, science, and reading textbooks you can take home. Each week we’ll provide a list of assignments to complete and return.

Grades: It’s only elementary school, so grades really aren’t that big a deal, right? We are expected to grade students in all subjects using the traditional D6 report card, but rather than focus on that, it’ll be better to try to earn all the in-class rewards. For example, whenever you complete a Lexia level, you’ll earn a badge, which weill be posted on your own private board in class (and worth Checkbook money in the spring).  You can also earn badges for your work in Storyworks, Acellus, and elsewhere. It’s something you’ll be proud of when you return to class.  I’ve also been known to deliver donuts right to your door, a reward for various “competitions.”

Fridays: You want to enjoy your weekends, right? On Friday mornings we’ll have a whole class Zoom session to review the week and preview the next week. It’s also the day I’ll be hassling you about missing work (I will frequently send home progress reports on Thursday nights). That means if you’ve worked hard Monday thru Thursday and gotten everything in, your Friday may be pretty light, making for an early start to the weekend. Hot dog! On the other hand, if you’ve been doggin’ it all week, you might be spending your Friday or maybe even your whole weekend catching up! Bummer!

Worried about anything? Don’t be. If you talk to any of my former students, they’ll all say my classroom—whether online or in person—is fun, safe, and comfortable.  When things go wrong, I’ll help you out. When you make a mistake, I’ll help you try again. So relax. It’s gonna be great!

Mr. Lewis, CPE Room 15