Here are some PE workout you can do at home. Pick one to do each day, four days per week.

Meghan Trainer’s “Better When I’m Dancin’.” If these kids can do it, so can you!

Here’s a new one with a Hollywood choreographer. If it doesn’t get your blood moving, at least it’ll give you some moves for all those middle school dances in the future! There’s no music in this one. You’re just supposed to follow along with the 3 dancers. Do it a few timnes until you’ve got it down.

Just Dance 2015 – “What Does the Fox Say” — Uploaded by Gavin. See if you can dance along with the fox. That’ll give you a good three and a half minute, heart-pumping workout. Do it twice to improve your dance moves and get more in shape!

PE with Joe–an Australian dude. Here’s his 5 minute beginner one. If you could handle that, try a longer one.

Kid Bopz — Can’t Stop the Feeling dance workout. This is the 25 minute hardcore kids’ workout. If you can get all the way through this, I’m impressed. If you can complete it two or three times a week, you’re on your way to being a beast! Make sure you scroll it back to the beginning. It seems to want to start in the middle. This is a Kids Bop shuffle routine. Kinda fun! Zumba–I like to Move It. Watch the kid in red at the far left…do better than that! Try to give as much energy as the kid in orange next to him, but be as groovy as the two girls up front!

Here’s our regular PE stretching routine: Mountain, Tree, Cat, Downward-facing Dog, Cobra, Plank (followed by five push-ups), Roadkill, Dead Body, Rack, Leg Lifts (3 times), Bicycle (20 rotations each direction), and Happy Baby. Then repeat in reverse order: Bicycle, Leg Lifts, Rack…etc. until you get back to Mountain. Hold each position while you breath slowly in and then exhale out three times. If you’re doing this correctly, it should take you about 15 minutes. Don’t rush it!