2013-14 Winter Clean-up

2013-14 Fall Clean-up:
Trevor and Tyler lugged this TV box back to CPE We can only do so much!A recess break at Van Horn Park

2012-13 Clean-ups:

Our Adopt-a-Street Clean-up often looks more like an Easter egg hunt than a litter patrol. We split our class into small groups which compete to see who can collect the most garbage. Our first clean-up of the 2012-13 school year netted 31.5 pounds of trash off from along the Hopkins Street sidewalks! A special thanks to all the parents who volunteered to join us. Without your assistance, this activity would be impossible to manage. The Adopt-a-Street Clean-up is one of many community-service projects we hope to undertake this year. Stay tuned for others as the school year continues.

2011-12 Kids:

2010-11 Kids:

Room 15 Kids have are keeping Hopkins Avenue clean as part of the City of Central Point’s Adopt-a-Street program. Our first event took place on November 4th. Hoping to clean-up after Halloween litterbugs, the kids collected 32 pounds of trash. We followed it up with another clean-up on February 11th, this time collecting 26.5 pounds. Our third clean-up is tentatively scheduled for April.

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