Say Goodbye to November

And say hello to December, every kids favorite month! (Right?)  

If you haven’t yet picked up your math text book, you need to get on it. You’ll need your text book every day this week. We’ll be introducing today’s math assignment in Zoom. You still need to do Happy Numbers, though, because your textbook assignment should only take about fifteen minutes.

We’ll also be starting a new read aloud, The Twits, during Zoom. Be sure to download the PDF in Classroom, and then join us during your Zoom time. If you don’t know you’re time, go to SeeSaw and see today’s schedule.

Still looking for How-to Videos for our YouTuber Challenge. Remember, they can be about anything. Some cheat in Roblox? A music performance or dance? How to fly a kite? All good. Take a second look at Liam’s (below) or Scarlet’s (in Classroom) and then give it a try.

Finally, report cards go home later this week. This video explains ho to make sense of them.


A Week of Thankfulness

As we head into our Thanksgiving break, let’s be sure to count our blessings this week. Yes, the pandemic has been challenging. Yes, stress related to the presidential election has been extreme. But stay focused on all the good stuff! I know I’m thankful to have such nice group of students. I’m thankful for your sense of humor. I’m thankful none of us have gotten the virus. I’m thankful for good books like The WItches. And I’m thankful the Dolphins are finally winning again. How about you?

You should be thankful that I’m relaxing some things this week. Find out more when you watch this video.

Veterans’ Day is Wednesday

No school on Wednesday due to Veterans’ Day. This is a day we honor those Americans who have served in the military. Please be sure to do Tuesday’s activity called “War Stories” so that you know all about this important holiday.

Thursday is in-person instruction. Please bring scissors, rulers, and colored pencils or markers. It’s Sports Theme Day. Dress in your favorite team colors or uniform. These kids have signed-up to attend: 8 – 10 am: Kylie, Kelsi, Brea, Scarlet, McKinna, Connor, Gabe, Damien, Damon, Liam, Dom, and Jordann; 1-3 pm: Keila, Cash, Isaiah, Max, Maizie, and Shayla. There’s still plenty of room in both sessions if you would like to sign-up.

Some of you kids are falling seriously behind. As of 7 pm Monday night, Max, Maizie, Isaiah, Damon, Jordann, Roxy, Rachael, Kaleb, Kylie, Waylon, Karsyn had not logged ANY minutes in Happy Numbers on Monday.  Meanwhile, Cash, Quinton, Isaiah, Jordann, Scarlet, Kaleb, Kylie, Maizie, Damon, Waylon, Damien, Roxy, Sean, Karsyn still have a lot of catching up to do in Acellus Science. Let me know if you need help logging in or figuring it out.

Play Parts

Did my best to honor your requests (for the 18 kids who turned one in), but it doesn’t always work out. If you didn’t get the part you wanted, please have a good attitude. Practice all the parts because you never know when you may have to fill-in for an absent person. We’ll practice on Monday.

Stupids: Narrator 1 is Kelsi, Narrator 2 is Kylie, Mrs. Stupid is Scarlet, Mr. Stupid is Connor, Petunia is McKinna, Buster is Damien, Janitor is Dom, and Neighbor is Gabe.

Dalmatians: Jordann is Narrator 1 and Kipper, Maizie is Cruella and Border Collie, Shayla is Anita and Scottie, Liam is Roger and Bulldog, Max is Horace and Mountain Dog, Roxy is Jasper and Mutt, Bre is Nanny and Perdy, Keila is Police Officer and Pongo.

Ducklings: Daimon is the Ugly Duckling; everybody else can just show up and we’ll divvy up parts when you’re there. 

Room 15 Update

Here are a few important announcements:  No school on Wed., Nov. 11th for Veterans’ Day. Thursday, November 12th is our next in-person instruction day. We can have up to 19 students at a time now, so you can sign-up for whichever session you want. I’ll send out an invite to parents later this week. That same Thursday is also a “spirit day.” Students are encouraged to dress in their favorite sports team colors, either college, professional, or high school. 

Late Notices!

As of 8 pm Monday night, only Bre, Domenic, Jordann, Kylie, Liam, Keila, Shayla, and Connor had completed the Electoral College assignment CORRECTLY. 

Only Bre, Connor, Daimon, Jordann, Karsyn, Keila, Rachael, Scarlet, Shayla, Kelsi, Liam, Dayton, and Domenic turned in Monday’s math homework correctly.

Only Roxy, Rachael, Jordann, Scarlet, Sean, McKinna, Isaiah, Liam, Bre, Keila, Karsyn, Shayla, Connor, Kelsi, Damien, and Domenic turned in their Daylight Savings Time article

Only Bre, Connor, Daimon, Domenic, Keila, Kelsi, Liam, McKinna, Rachael, Roxy, Scarlet, and Shayla turned in their Dracula activity on Friday with correct answers.

If you don’t see your name on ALL these lists, you need to go back and finish or re-do your missing assignment. Be sure to check your notifications in SeeSaw.

Here’s this week’s message…