Crater Top 5% Honorees

Congratulations to all our former CPE kids who finished in the Top 5% of Crater’s 2023 graduating class. Of the 35 honorees, ten of them were from CPE–an impressive percentage! Kudos to Dex Dumore, J.J. Elias, Zoie Emata, Abigail Foster, Rayden Grant, Ryder Hvall, Alyssa Kilbane, Adam Quackenbush, Lilli Reid, and Amareni Sanchez for all your hard work and dedication. All of us at CPE are proud of you!



Congratulations to our April students-of-the-month, Page Morehead and Brody Walker. Page and Brody were nominated by their peers. They’ve shown excellent growth, having matured into strong, positive students. They also both have classroom jobs in our “Checkbook Project” and have both proven themselves to be reliable employees.  For these reasons, Page and Brody are well-deserving of the Spotlight Award. 

Conferences April 28

Families – April 28th is our parent-teacher conference day. In 5th grade, we use this day for students to exhibit their portfolios boards. Parents have the opportunity to view examples of each student’s work, which allows them to compare and contrast their own child with other “typical fifth graders” in the class. We’ve found this to be a powerful way for parents to assess their child’s performance.  The portfolios will be on display in the classroom from 10 am to 4 pm on Friday, April 28th. Bring your kids! If after viewing you wish to discuss your child’s progress, I will be available from 11 to 3:45 for informal conferences on a drop-in basis. If you have questions, please let me know.  Thanks!      

Updated Event Schedule

Roxy Ann Peak run/hike (tentative–date to be announced. We’re having a tough time getting in scheduled)

Apr. 28 — Spring Conference Day

May 5 — Spring bicycle trip

May 9 — Table Rock hike with 1st Grade Book Buddies

May 19 — Crater Lake snowshoe and sledding

May. 25 — DARE Graduation

June 2 — DARE Day

June 7 — Outdoor Ed preview/JVille trip

June 8 & 9 — Outdoor Ed Coast Trip


Congratulations to Jaidah P. and Haylee R. for being named the Room 15 students-of-the-month for March. Jaidah received this award for being totally engaged and enthusiastic about school. Jaidah wants to participate in and succeed at everything. She’s also currently computer-ranked in the top 5 in the class. Haylee is also ranked in the top 5 after having been challenged to up her game. She brings a creative bent to class every day and has been performing Gerald and Piggy skits in the primary classrooms. For these reasons, Jaidah and Haylee are deserving recipients of our Spotlight Awards.


Ski Club 2023

After-school Ski Club concluded on Friday, March 17th with a lovely make-up day (due to the Friday Night cancellation in week 2). By the fourth day of Ski Club, kids are typically ready to move off the beginner slope and roll down the next hill. This year was no exception. Here is Rayleigh, Maggie, Maci, Noah, Levi, and Cora on the Juliett run on Mount Ashland. I, for one, am incredibly proud of them for sticking with something that is TOUGH to learn, for advancing to the next level, and for the wonderful smiles on their faces!



Our Room 15 Students-of-the-Month for February are Masen V. and Valentin R. These two dudes ran away with our Fact Car Rally Race, sharing the victory months ahead of the nearest competitor. This math facts program is supposed to take most of the school year, but these guys completed it in just a third of the year. Not just once. Twice! On top of that, Masen and Valentin lead the class in Fitness laps, attend school consistently, and despite sometimes being squirrely boys, are always enthusiastic and engaged.  For these reasons, they are our students-of-the-month. Great job!