Students of the Month

Congrats to Jenica T., Brayden P., Van C., and Mason W. for being Spotlight Award winners at the May assembly. Jenica received the award for always being respectful, cheerful and positive. She has been a wonderful additional to CPE this year! Brayden is an all-around excellent student, solid citizen, and good friend. He makes the classroom a better place. Van, meanwhile, has an exceptional imagination which he uses to entertain his peers. It earned him the “Creature of Creativity” award. Finally, Mason received the perseverant award for never giving up. He keeps going even when the content or activity is difficult.  Great job, roadrunners!

Sams Valley Mini Marathon

Like many local running events, the Sams Valley Mini Marathon was side-lined by the pandemic. But, after an 18-month hiatus, it recently roared back to life. This year’s event was won by CPE’s Ryder White in a time of 20:50.52. Henry Davenport also medaled, and Pablo Gonzalaz, Chase Austin, and Ashton Hollon all contributed to CPE’s team victory. The girls’ race was won by CPE’s Ava Ontiveros, while Autzen Ostroskie, Ava Smith, Landrie Miller, Zoey Miller, Esly Pilar-Ibarra, and Lily Barsalou all placed in the top ten. 

The Mini was established in 1974, making it among the oldest distance races in Oregon, and with nearly 800 annual participants–the entire population of 4th and 5th graders in the Central Point School District, it’s also one of the largest. Special thanks to our sponsor and community partner, West Orthodontics of Medford. Additional thanks to Jamba of Medford, First Student, Grizzly Peak Timing, and the Jackson County Sherriff’s Department.  


Students of the Month!

Congratulations to Ailton S. and Carsyn K. for being named Room 15’s Students of the Month for February, and to Jaxon M. and Daisy M. for being Students of the Month for March. Carsyn receives the award for her kindness, her calmness, and the fact that she is always the first to tune-in during class time. Ailton and Daisy are being honored because they are always looking for ways to contribute to the classroom community. They are hard-working and perseverant. And Jaxon deserves recognition because he epitomizes being “actively engaged.” He is always participating, always having fun, and always contributing positive mojo to Room 15. Great job, kids!


When it was first disclosed that I was to be honored as the Chamber of Commerce Educator of the Year, my close friends and family asked, “Is it because of the poop stations?” They were referring, in jest, I think, to the dog waste stations I facilitated around CPE. I hope the award was for more than just that.

Rather than being remembered for dog manure, I’m hopeful I’ll instead be known for all the campus trees I’ve planted at CPE, or for all my work at Anhorn Field, or for the community planting projects at Snowy Butte Station and Don Jones Park. I’m proud to say that mine was the first classroom to join the City’s Adopt-a-Street program, that I was instrumental in reviving the Sams Valley Mini Marathon, and that I spearheaded the drive to build the skate park. There’s CPE’s Outdoor Ed program, CPETV, all those baby picture shows. And, hopefully, still more to come. But when all is said and done, I most hope to be known as a teacher who simply loved all his kids—from Nikki and all my other Briscoe kids, to Amee, forever my “first student,” to all my current rotters and the ones yet to come.

I feel compelled to say that for every teacher fortunate enough to receive an award like this, there are fifty others working tremendously hard for all the right reasons going largely unnoticed. Teachers like Paul Lunte, who retired last year from Jewett and was not only a phenomenal educator, but also perhaps the most genuine person I’ve ever met. Or Garrett White, a former student during my Sams Valley days, now himself a dedicated teacher and my colleague at CPE. Or my friend Trey Jenkins, whose engaging personality and contagious enthusiasm never fails to win over a classroom of kids (or for that matter, a hotel concierge). And the late Jay McRoberts, my junior high school teacher and coach, whose profound influence helped shape me into the teacher and person I am today.

For every teacher fortunate enough to be acknowledged like this, there are fifty others who go largely unnoticed. I accept this award on their behalf.

Thank you to the people at the Chamber of Commerce and its members for the recognition.

Now, if you happen to be walking your dog around CPE . . .

Upcoming Field Trips

April 1st — Our first ever bicycle excursion, this on from Valley of the Rogue State Park to Rouge River and back. Chaperones desired!

April 8th — My first ever Roxy Ann Peak hike or run.  Chaperones needed.

April 12th — Crater Lake snowshoeing and sledding. Chaperones desired.

April 18th — Table Rock hike with first grade buddies. Chaperones desired.

April 29th — Sams Valley Mini Marathon. No chaperones needed, but families are welcome to go watch (parking is limited)

May 3rd — Adopt-a-Street clean-up. Chaperones desired.

May 20th (?) — Lava Beds caving adventure. Chaperones needed.

June 1-3 — Oregon Coast Outdoor Ed Adventure. Chaperones needed.

Inside My Video Game

The students were asked to write a “perfect paragraph” in which they were “sucked into their favorite video game.” Students crafted a hand-written rough draft, a hand-written edited-draft, and what appears here, a typed final draft. Click “Replies” to see their work.