Instructional Videos

Click on a title to see a given instructional program in use in the classroom. (Video viewing tip: pause the video until its fully loaded, then click play.) These brief videos are useful to fellow teachers looking to implement these programs into their own classrooms, as well as for parents interested in knowing what instruction looks like in Room 15. The Reading Tutoring program, meanwhile, is especially useful for parents who want to give their beginning or struggling reader a leg-up. To see tutorials for students, click here.

Fact Car Rally math facts program

Super Sentences writing instruction
Perfect Paragraph writing instruction
Reader’s Theater play groups — coming soon
Reading Tutoring — coming soon
The Checkbook Project — coming soon
Directed Silent Reading — coming soon

And here’s a podcasted interview with Mr. Lewis on the International Society for Technology in Education’s blog, Literacy Special Interest. The interview covers some of the brain research behind reader’s theater and other topics. Mr. Lewis was selected for the interview based on his work as both a practicing teacher and the author of dozens of plays for Scholastic.

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