The Nepal Project

Room 15 Kids Sponsor Nepalese Child’s Education

Riva 2016Through a charity called ANSWER (, Room 15 students are helping a young person in Nepal get a decent education.  Over the previous nine years, my students at CPE and Sams Valley have each contributed $1 per month toward a Nepalese child’s school tuition.  In 2016-17 I want to again challenge my class to continue the effort. In the past we supported a young Nepalese named Nur (shown below) and Prakash (also shown below), but this year we’re pleased to be supporting a splendid young lady named Riva.

Riva is not only the first female student we’ve helped, she’s also the same age as our current students and in fifth grade. She attends boarding school, is an excellent student, and is presently ranked 4th in her class of 39. She’s one of 5 children.

Riva 2016 report cardUnfortunately, in Nepal and education is not a right, but instead a luxury.  Attendance at a decent school costs approximately $300 per year, a huge amount by Nepalese standards.  After all, Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world.  That’s where Room 15 comes in.  If each Room 15 students contributes just $1 per month–a nickel per day–we’ll have enough to guarantee Riva gets the education most of us take for granted.  Sams Valley kids successfully raised the funds to send Nur to school in 2008, and CPE kids covered the bulk of it in recent years.  Can this year’s CPE students match their effort and carry on this worthy charity?

ANSWER is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Crater High School graduate Roger Durham was a charter member of its Board, serving through 2011.  Roger is a political science professor and department chair at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids.

Prakash, our former Nepalese studentPrakash, our former student appears at left. You can also click on the gallery pictures below to see pictures of and letters by Nur, our original adoptee.  Room 15 students reply each January and June with letters of their own.