Extra Credit-TAG

There are currently three ways for Room 15 kids, especially TAG students, to earn “extra credit.” One is by creating projects and sharing them in class. Examples might include writing a play, creating a diorama, or inventing a machine. Projects are limited only by the imagination and motivation of the student. Students can also get extra math practice through our online IXL math program. Login to try it out. Students can also get extra practice–and therefore extra credit–by printing and completing the worksheets listed below. We’ll add more worksheets as demand merits.


Math Early Bird

Let’s Fly
Fun in the Addition Forest
Who Spilled the Paint
Citywide Addition
Water Slide Mathematics
Fishing for Money
Why Do Geckos Bark?
Who Bumped the Page
Line Them Up


Cruising Down the Road
Cross Number Puzzle
Sailing Through Subtraction
Don’t Underestimate Zero
What’s the Word?
A Decimal Storm


Multiple Way to Multiply
It’s Great to Associate

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