Daily Schedule

CPE 5th Grade 23-24 Daily Schedule
Though subject to change, here’s our typical daily schedule.

7:55 Morning Music, Daily Business (lunch count, etc.), warm-up lessons
8:20 Fitness (weather permitting)
8:45 Math or Language Arts (alternating)
9:15 Math Instruction
9:45 Math Independent Practice
10:15 Recess
10:30 Writing/Vocab
11:00 Language Arts
11:45 Special Projects
12:30 Lunch
1:15 Life Lab (M), PE (T), Library (Th), Music (F)
1:45 Assignment Calendar
2:00 Read Aloud
2:20 Clean-up
2:25 Dismissal (Wednesday, one-hour early release, 1:25)

Please don’t try to “beat the crowd” by picking your student up a few minutes early. Early departures create a significant disruption in class, often resulting in a wasted final hour of the day. Thanks!

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