Somer, Amber, Casey; Newberry Crater, 98-99Thinking back on my first years of teaching at Sams Valley, I recall hoisting on to my shoulder a ten pound video camera practically the size of a Volkswagen. I also recall using an old SLR camera with black and white film to take stills while student-teaching at Briscoe Elementary in Ashland. Well, after close to thirty years of shooting video and taking photos of all those wonderful kids and interesting activities, I’m attempting to post select shorts here on the Daily Platypus.

Although the videos are posted on YouTube, the address is private, so this is the only place to access them. Still, if you catch a glimpse of yourself in a video or picture and, beyond the usual bit of embarrassment over seeing your old self having a hard time spelling “touchdown” (that’d be you, Miss Mapes), if you have some reason why you don’t want it shared, please let me know. Otherwise, turn up the volume, sit back, and enjoy!

Briscoe Elementary Ballet

Baby Picture Shows

Click here to go directly to Vintage Video. You’ll see a wide variety of classroom tidbits from as far back as 1992.

Click here to see Class Pics from the Past. Just scroll over each picture to see details.

And you can view a gallery of Bigfoot photos by clicking here.

You can also see archival pics and video from the Mini Marathon, the Coast Trip, Crater Lake, and more on the Special Events page.

Here’s a Mail Tribune story about our annual “Letter to Yourself at Graduation” project:

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  1. Mr. Lewis,
    This is fantastic! Especially becuase I remember doing all of these things! So wonderful of you to share!

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