February Daily Schedule

Students attend in-person two days a week and they attend via live-stream two days a week. Wednesdays are fully remote for all students. Students who opted for fully-remote will need to attend the live stream all four days. Whether at home or at school, here is the daily schedule:

8:00 Daily Business/Morning intro (all students, in-person and Zoom)

8:25 Reading (all students, in-person and Zoom)*

9:15 Fitness (at school); SeeSaw PE activity (at home)

9:35 History/Misc (all students, in-person and Zoom)

10:00 Recess (at school); Break (at home)

10:20 Vocab/Writing/Science (all-students, in-person and Zoom)*

10:50 Math (all-students, in-person and Zoom)

11:45 Read Aloud ((all students, in-person and Zoom)

12:00 Clean-up; Lunch prep (at school & home)

12:05 Recess and Lunch (at school and home)

1:00 Dismissal (at school)

1:00-2:00 Office hours (teacher available for questions/assistance for all students)

Post: Homework (all students): 20 minutes of reading, math homework sheet, and any work not completed during class

Welcome Back!

I hope you enjoyed your break. I know it’s HARD to get out of bed and stay focused after a long break, but we’re going to do our best to get right back to work!

Remember to start your day in SeeSaw to see the schedule. Also be sure to be in Google Classroom at 8:30 for Super Sentences.

We’ll be doing our math and reading tasks in our Zoom sessions. Come to either the 9:30 or the 11:00 class. If you miss them both, you’ll need to watch the video of class here. We’ll also spend some time chatting about our break. What kind of things did you do? How was your Christmas?  See you then!



Christmas Week in Room 15

Lots of holiday activities this week, kids!  We’ll be practicing our Scooge play on Monday and recording on Tuesday. We’ll be listening to another creepy Charles Dickens Christmas story on Wednesday, and we’ll be recording the famous Christmas poem, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas at our virtual Christmas party on Friday at 10 a.m.  This week you also have a quiz on telling time (Friday), your chapter book #3 response activity (Monday), and a reading quiz (Thursday). Aside from that, it’s just the usual Happy Numbers mumbo jumbo and such. In the meantime, check out this video and see if you can’t sing-along with it!

Say Goodbye to November

And say hello to December, every kids favorite month! (Right?)  

If you haven’t yet picked up your math text book, you need to get on it. You’ll need your text book every day this week. We’ll be introducing today’s math assignment in Zoom. You still need to do Happy Numbers, though, because your textbook assignment should only take about fifteen minutes.

We’ll also be starting a new read aloud, The Twits, during Zoom. Be sure to download the PDF in Classroom, and then join us during your Zoom time. If you don’t know you’re time, go to SeeSaw and see today’s schedule.

Still looking for How-to Videos for our YouTuber Challenge. Remember, they can be about anything. Some cheat in Roblox? A music performance or dance? How to fly a kite? All good. Take a second look at Liam’s (below) or Scarlet’s (in Classroom) and then give it a try.

Finally, report cards go home later this week. This video explains ho to make sense of them.