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Teacher - 5th Grade

Cardboard Wars

Kids built cardboard armor so that it could all be ripped to shreds during a 15 minutes Capture the Flag match. Here are the kids in their armor.


DARE Graduation

I’m proud to say every single one of our Room 15 fifth graders completed the requirements to graduate from DARE, our drug resistance program. Our graduation ceremony is this Friday at 1:15.  It will be held in the field near the big cedar trees. You can enter through the small gate near the corner of Bush and 4th Street, which should be open at 1:00.  Bring lawn chairs or a blanket to sit on. Sunscreen, a hat, or other means of protecting yourself from the sun is advised as well.

Our DARE Graduation kind of doubles as our graduation from 5th grade. It is meant to be a formal event, so we ask that kids dress up in their “Sunday Best.” It’s up to you to decide what it means for your student to dress up, but we often have lots of dresses, ties, and even blazers.

Afterwards, your welcome to come to the classroom to see where your student signed my thirty-year-old Drug Free banner, which is their pledge to stay clear of illegal substances. They’ll join around eight hundred of my former students on the banner.  You’ll also be able to take your student home after the ceremony, as it will end around 2:15.

DARE Essays

Drug Abuse Resistance Education - WikipediaEvery student in class successfully completed their DARE essays and presented them to class. As much as we’ve struggled with some things this year, this event has been a big success. We’re really proud of the kids!

Special congratulations to Alice C. for being selected to present her DARE essay at graduation next week. Although all the essays were great, Alice’s was particularly strong.

DARE Graduation is next Friday, May 17th, at 1 p.m.  The event takes place out in the field near the towering cedar trees. All family members are invited to attend. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs to sit on, and be prepared for the weather. Thanks!

April Students of the Month

Kudos to Kasen J. and Lexi P. for being named students-of-the-month for April. Kasen earned this award because he has truly turned his game around. He is doing excellent work and is consistently demonstrating maturity. I’m tremendously impressed by his growth. Alexis earned this award because she is consistently kind to her peers, she is always respectful toward me, and despite her challenges, she keeps trying and never complains. Such traits will take her to good places in life.