CPETV Episode 16

In our final episode created for Exhibition 2018, Sterling, Angie, and Nikkie give us brief tours of the school and the “old brick building.” They also teach us some basic science concepts using dry ice, a piece that won a Exhibition “Oscar” for best science segment.

CPETV Episode 15

In this episode, our 5th grade filmmakers, Mia, Eliza, Hannah, and Zoie, teach us about chemical reactions while making elephant’s toothpaste. They also give us a glimpse at the Jo County Tree Plant and CPE’s annual floor hockey tourney.

CPETV Episode 14

Emilee, Emily, Dakota, and Marissa give us a glimpse of Science & Math Night and CPE’s first ever locker contest. They also teach about density while making lava lamps in this, the 14th episode of CPETV–entirely written, directed, edited, and produced by 5th graders!

CPETV Episode 13

Camron, Carl, and the two Erics keep us in stitches with their tour of CPE’s mysterious atticand their hysterical attempts to launch a Coca Cola bottle into space (which won an Exhibition “Oscar” for most comedic moment). They also explain America’s recycling crisis. Written, directed, edited, and produced entirely by 5th graders–it’s another edition of CPETV!

CPETV Episode 12

In this episode of CPE’s student-created television show, Trevor, Jordan, Braydee, and Cellar take you behind the scenes of the green screen room, outside for some chemical rocket duds, and into class for a look at the DARE program.


CPETV Episode 11

In this episode, our team of 5th grade movie producers (the Orange Group) show us CPE’s Sewing Club and some nifty facts and hacks. They also prove that teachers are people too, and teach us how to blow up a balloon using a simple chemical reaction.

CPETV Episode 10

Here’s the Yellow Group’s show. In this episode Ella, Tyson, Victoria, and Taylor show viewers the Jalapeno Challenge, our fitness program, and the kinders performing The Littlest Christmas Tree. The also demonstrate how to make fluffy slime while explaining polymers and non-Newtonian fluids. The episode was entirely written, directed, edited, and produced by these four 5th graders.

CPETV Episode 9

Room 15 kids completed their extremely challenging Exhibition projects–eight new episodes of CPETV entirely written, directed, edited, and produced by 5th graders. Here’s the Pink Group’s show. Enjoy!

Exhibition 2018

CPE’s Exhibition Night has become a big deal both at CPE and around the school district. Students spend a big chunk of their school year collaboratively developing a challenging, class-wide project that emphasizes “real-world” skills.

This year the focus in my class is on video production, which requires from the students extensive planning, script-writing, communication, cooperation, and the use of technology to film, edit, and produce a final product.

For many years now my students have created episodes of CPETV, which highlight “what life is like inside and outside an American public school.” If you haven’t seen an episode, click here. Some of these episodes have actually been picked up by Southern Oregon Public TV.

For Exhibition, I’ve asked each small group of students to independently produce an episode of their own. These shows take hours and hours to create. In the past, though students did a lot of the filming, I took on the bulk of the work planning, directing, and editing. This year, however, the students will handle every aspect on their own. In fact, students have already begun working with video editing software, and my first groups started filming segments of their episode this week. Others are busy writing scripts and getting logistics ironed out. With any luck, they’ll all be able to premier their episode at Exhibition Night on April 27th.

Let’s address your safety concerns. These episodes will appear on the internet. We do a couple things to protect students. Whenever possible, we post final products in an Mp4 format directly on the school webpage only. That way only people with a connection to CPE are likely to see them. When videos are too large to do that, we use a private Youtube channel. That way the shows will not turn up on a Youtube search. Viewers can only get to the video through the CPE webpage. Finally, we do not use last names of students nor the school’s address in any of the videos. If you have any concerns about this, please contact me.

The classroom is buzzing with excitement over our project. I’ll check in with you frequently with more details. In the meantime, thanks for your support!