Some New Super Sentences

Room 15 kids crafted Super Sentences containing dialogue with an alternative tag. They appear under the comments section below. Watch for complete sentences, proper capitals and endmarks, as well as proper use of quotation marks and the comma separating the “tag” from the dialogue spoken.

This Week’s Super Sentences

Here are this week’s Super Sentences. Students were asked to construct a sentence containing dialogue with the speaker at the beginning. The topics included pokey pineapple, friendship, and a a third I don’t recall now. To pass, students had to be able to correctly use quotation marks, include commas to separate the speaker from the dialogue and to separate the setting from the speaker. They also had to demonstrate a reasonable command of capitals, end marks, and spelling. Click on “Replies” below to view the sentences.

This Week’s Super Sentences

Students, click on “Leave a Reply” below to post your Super Sentence for this week. Make sure you’ve corrected all your errors first!

This week Room 15 kids reviewed the elements of a sentence by crafting their first set of “Standard Sentences.” What appears below (under replies) represent their test submission. The topics were elephants in space, getting stung, and spaceships.

Today’s Super Sentences

Students, post your Super Sentences by clicking on “Leave a Comment” below. Sentences fit the structure of “commas in a series,” meaning they must contain a list of three or more items separated by commas, such as blank, blank, and blank. (Note that the comma before and is required to be grammatically correct). Click on “Replies” to read the sentences.