This Week’s Super Sentences

Students are working on crafting Super Sentences containing dialogue. To pass, they need to have all the usual conventions (periods, capitals, correct spelling), as well as properly located quotation marks. Click on “replies” to see the sentences created by the students.

90 thoughts on “This Week’s Super Sentences

  1. Josh it should say (I broke my leg in football) not (broke my leg in football but its cool.

  2. Comments on Jimmy

    1.)Jimmy when it says i have lots of computers dont touch them, there should be a comma after computers.

    2.) When you say i will crack your heads it should probably say crack your heads open.

    3.) NO PERIOD!! OH NO

  3. Suzanne Foster: Suzy, yours is completely correct, but really a bear trying to eat me? That is just mean. But great job!

  4. comments on two people KIm,Skylar\

    I LOVE YOURS KIM no mistakes

    I LOVE YOURS SKYLAR theres lots of details

  5. Comments on Skylar your sentence is great except it should probably say said Kelsey not Kelsey said.

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