This Week’s Super Sentences

Here are this week’s Super Sentences. Students were asked to construct a sentence containing dialogue with the speaker at the beginning. The topics included pokey pineapple, friendship, and a a third I don’t recall now. To pass, students had to be able to correctly use quotation marks, include commas to separate the speaker from the dialogue and to separate the setting from the speaker. They also had to demonstrate a reasonable command of capitals, end marks, and spelling. Click on “Replies” below to view the sentences.

26 thoughts on “This Week’s Super Sentences

  1. When Suzy was practicing gymnastics she tripped on a pokey pineapple and yelled, ” Oh meat sticks and bananas!”

  2. When Julia ate a pokey pineapple whole, she screamed, “I never thought pineapple was so pokey! What is in this thing?”

  3. One day Gage ate a pokey pineapple and he screamed out “Hallelujah thats a pokey pineapple alright!”

  4. When Alexis wanted a pinepple his mom said, ” You cant have a pinepple It’s too pockey. You will get a boo-boo.”

  5. Last Thursday Brady was cutting a pokey pineapple and the other pineapple yelled,” Nooooooooo DADDY!!”

  6. One day while eating a porky pineapple , Alexis said, ” Ethan you are not my friend. You ate my dog Peanut Butter.”

  7. When Kelsey was talking to a pokey pineapple, she said ,” I like this kid so much I would marry him.”

  8. On Tuesday Cole wanted to go to Josh’s birthday party, but his mom yelled, ” No, you have to finish your pokey pineapple! “

  9. When Skylar was walking in the park, a stranger said to her,”We make a wonderful friendship.”

  10. One day I was having a pokey pineapple and when I was done my hands hurt so much that I screamed, “pizza!”

  11. As Mr. Lewis was checking gold card papers, he said, “Josh said he was done being BFFs with Alexis.”

  12. Josh screamed, “My friend is a pokey pineapple and he just threw my arithmetic test
    in the toilet!”

  13. When my grandma was at the park,she gasped, “Oh my snickerdoodle! There is my best friend since 3rd grade. Hey Gretchen.”

  14. Yesterday at Brady’s house , Brady’s mom yelled, ” Get your math done and clean your room! It’s a pig sty.

  15. While Juan was making a chair , Buck yelled ,”That’s not a chair. It’s a pokey pineapple”.

  16. When Alexis stayed the night at my house, Alexis and I threw pokey pineapples,” at my dad.”

  17. When Kim was doing math,she poked a pineapple and yelled,”OW! That is one pokey pineapple!”

  18. ”One time my friend dared me to buy a pineapple and eat it with the poke stuff on it and i bite it and my mouth was bleeding and i screamed!!! loudly and that heart so much.

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