Billy Bob Replanted!

tree-replant-thumbStudent representatives from Mrs. Soter’s third grade and Mr. Lewis’ fifth grade worked with City crews on Tuesday, February 17th to plant four new trees along 2nd Street. The trees replace the three gum trees cut down by a vandal three weeks ago. Due in large part to the publicity generated by Billy Bob Thornton’s acknowledgment following the original incident, camera crews from KOBI5, KTVL10, and KDRV12 were on the scene, along with Buffy Pollock from the Mail Tribune, to witness the planting and interview kids. Naturally, the fifth graders renamed one of the new trees Billy Bob Thornton, Jr.. The second tree has been dubbed Nemo, while the third graders have yet to decide upon names. It would make sense if one of them were named Myrtle, as the new trees are all crape myrtles from Shooting Star Nursery on Taylor Road in Central Point.
Another big thanks to Public Works Director Bob Pierce, Maintenance Supervisor Don Dunn, and the rest of the City crewmen for their effort and generosity.
For pictures from the day’s events, click on the link under Special Events. You can also read the latest Mail Tribune article here. And, for even more fun, check out Mr. Thornton’s official website, Billybobapalooza, for their coverage of our Tree Saga!

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