100 Favorite Things: Jaws

Shark-jawsHere’s another of my favorite things: My shark jaws. During that childhood trip to Baja (see below), we motored our panga to a barren island where shark-fishermen had set up camp. Here I acquired a set of shark jaws, which I still have today. I remember climbing out of the boat and having to step past the bodies of three sharks hooked on a line and resting in the soft sand where the tide could keep them fresh. They were still thrashing around a bit, which made me fear for my ankles. I also remember long strips of shark meat draped over a rack to dry near the fishermen’s campfire. Nearby there was a pile of shark jaws, which had been boiled to remove all the flesh. From this pile came my set of jaws, for which I paid about twenty pesos–or one American dollar. For thirty-five years I’ve held on to these jaws, and I realized while showing them to yet another class of students, that of my material possessions, it is probably my most treasured.

2 thoughts on “100 Favorite Things: Jaws

  1. lol mr. lewis do you like lewis and clark because lewis has your last name?how much do you like olives on a scale 1-10?what soda do you like the best? i dont drink soda that much its to fizzy for me you probly think iam lying .iam not ask my mom or dad.whell th thats all folks (loony toones porky the pig.)

  2. Hey Katryna. Did you giggle all the way through your entry? Yes, I like Lewis & Clark because of the name. I don’t drink much soda anymore (I did when I was young). I still have an unopened bottle of Fanta Grape soda pop from by 16th birthday. It was the last bottle from seven cases my sister and brother-in-law got me. That was a good birthday. As for olives, I’d give them an 11. How about you?

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