100 Favorite Things: Olives

200543329-001My list of favorite things includes olives!  All those Thanksgivings when I was a kid in which my sisters and I stuck big black olives on our fingers has left me with a wonderfully good feeling toward them. I also spent four of my high school years working at Abby’s Pizza in south Medford, where I put generous quantities of olives on the mini-pizzas I ate each night on my break. When I first started there, mini-pizzas were given free to every employee working more than four hours, but later we were charged $1. Of course, the pizzas only cost $2.35 normally. My favorite was pepperoni, linguica, mushrooms, and of course, olives. Today I eat all kinds of olives, and last year while working on the CPE tree project, I bought an olive tree from Shooting Star Nursery. So here’s to olives . . . wear ’em on your fingers and gobble ’em down!

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