Already Missing My Kids!

Despite the 4-day school week, the over-emphasis on standardized testing, and the crowded conditions, it has been an absolutely fantastic year in Room 15! Thank you so much for sending me such wonderful kids. I will remember this group as being one of the best classes I’ve ever had. Add to it the pleasure of working with Mrs. Odell (our student-teacher), Tanishia (our HS Spanish intern), and all the other great people at CPE, and I have to concede that I am already missing my classroom.

Congratulations to Presidential Scholars Melissa, Emma, Maddie, Katryna, Leo, Julie, and Bailey. They were selected for their commitment to excellence in the classroom, high test scores, and good attendance, as well as for their behavior and attitude.

Thank you to Kendra, Julie, Alejandra, Natalie, Matt, Melissa, Emma, Aubry, Ryan, and Cindy for your cards and gifts. Your sentiments are most kind. Thank you Cielo for being so gracious.

Finally, I hope everyone had the chance to see CPE’s Year-in-Review and 5th Grade Baby Picture Program. If you’d like to borrow a copy to see it again (or for the first time), e-mail me at and we’ll see what we can do.

Have a great summer and stay in touch!

2 thoughts on “Already Missing My Kids!

  1. Leo! We’ll have a few four-day school weeks, but most of the time it’s back to five. This year’s school calendar has seven more days than last year’s. It’s not quite where it should be, but it’s getting closer. How’s your summer going?

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