Welcome to Room 15!

I’d like to extend a welcome to my new students and their families: Orfanel A., Joel A., Roger A., Jocelyn A., Martha B., Adrien B., Sal C., Madelyn D., Jasmine D., Nicole F., Makaila G., Jenna H., Kale H., Tanner K., Rodney K., Levi K., Ryan K., Mackenzie L., Levi L., Kylie M., Chase N., Alex P., Austin P., Samantha R., Anthony R., Bailee R., Mackenzie R., Konnor S., Savannah S.

If you have access to Facebook, please (with parental supervision) sign up to join The Daily Platypus Facebook Page.   Also see below for information about school supplies.

And to the dozens of wonderful CPE 5th graders I would have liked to have also had in class but don’t (mostly because their current teachers wouldn’t give them up), I look forward to pestering you in the halls!

9 thoughts on “Welcome to Room 15!

  1. There are other awesome 5th graders out there–many I would have liked to have had in class–but the ones I did get are fantastic! (Then again, it’s only the second week. Can they sustain their awesomeness all year?)

  2. Room 15 rooters rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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