Thursday is Back-to-School Night

I am blessed with another great group of kids in Room 15!  Perhaps it says something about our community, or maybe the generosity of the teachers passing on their students, but families just keep sending me great kids.  Thanks!  I look forward to meeting parents this Thursday, September 17th, at Back-to-School Night. The event goes from 6 to 7 p.m.

Keep checking back on the website for information about our daily schedule, the classroom discipline plan, the major areas of study, homework downloads, and much more. Nearly everything we do in Room 15 appears here, so bookmark us today!

4 thoughts on “Thursday is Back-to-School Night

  1. Leo! You are missed at CPE! How is Scenic treating you? Is it muy interestante? Or is it boring? Who do you ahve for teachers?

  2. I have Mr.Grover for science Mrs.Pickering for math Mrs.Spencer and Mrs.Acord for social studies and lag arts Mrs.Taylor for home ec and Mr.Grover for homeroom and its fun at middel school.

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