Lava Beds Recap

CPE fifth graders braved the snow and wind to visit Lava Beds National Monument last Friday (Oct. 20th). As it turned out, the light dusting of snow at the monument itself made for a unique adventure. Click on the replies/comments below to read our students’ reflection on their trip.

32 thoughts on “Lava Beds Recap

  1. I think the Lava Beds trip was so much fun . My favorite cave was the Indian Wells cave because it was tricky to climb in but fun at the same time . I also hope the fourth grade will have as much fun as I did .

  2. On my Lava Beds field trip I was with my dad and in my group was Nathan, Jordan, Tyson, Eliza, and Hannah H. My time there was really fun and we went in to four different caves. One of my favorite ones were Golden dome I liked it because it looked like it had gold on the top and bottom. I liked it so much I would go there again.

  3. I would like to go back to the lava beds because I had so much fun this year. I don’t have a favorite cave, but all I know is that there was a very long drive for me and my dad to sit through. I had so much fun that I would definitely go back again. Thank you for making me write this so I could express my feelings for the lava beds.

  4. I did’nt go on the lava beds trip for my own resons. So I went to my aunt brenda’s house. We also went to pucks donuts to have donuts of course. We also went to so hummane. i had an amazing day with my aunt.

  5. I liked the thunderbolt cave. I kept running off with out my group and chaperon. Emilee kept crying every time I ran off! It was a fun trip

  6. I DIDN’T GO! I pretty shore I went to my G&G house on the computer, witch is what I always do at their house!

  7. I would rate the lava beds trip a five. Because it was fun to explore the caves. And also it was fun explore with my friend.

  8. My trip was great.My favorite cave was Thunder Bolt.Its my favorite because I almost got lost.And it was like a half mile long.And it was kind of boring because my group went into Mush pot.Mush pot is the cemented one,so there is really no adventure in that.Indian Well was good to but not as good as Thunder Bolt. On the way to school Eric.T fell asleep.I also saw some coyotes.

  9. Lava beds was kinda scary.First of all I almost died in the Indian well cave! Emilee was above me and she slipped on a giant rock and it came down and almost hit me in the head!Good thing I have amazing reflexes and doged it like a boss.But it was also a fun trip.Cellar and Camron would always run off!In the thunderbolt cave they just ran off well the rest of the group stayed outside the cave at the beginning.I did’t wanna go in the thunder bolt because I was afraid a avalanche would happen. Well thats about all for lava beds.

  10. I loved the lava beds trip. My favorite cave was golden dome. Me and emily’s group turned back and did not tell us so we got lost in golden dome. We found our way back to our them though. It was so fun. I would definitly go back to lava beds.

  11. My favorite cave is the golden dome . My friend and I got lost in the cave because our group turned back and did not tell us . We found our group again .

  12. It was more fun then last year. I got to be in the same group with my best friends, and we took goofy pictures. I also got to go in five or six caves which i only went in three last year. My teacher was in my group and I got to tell him about me, but I think I talked to much. I love field trips I am blithe that we have more this year.

  13. I love the trip and in the middle of the trip I went to the indanwell one and emilee sed to go back when i got to the exit of the cave and celler followed me because him and i were out when they said that and trevors group was out side so i went with them to find my group we found them at the trip.

  14. My trip to Lava Beds was great my favorite cave was the Thunder Bolt because we got lost.It was really dark I really liked the bus ride back because there was a lot of snow.In the cave we took the different rout then the other groups.When we were going home we thought Mr.Lewis got lost in a cave with another group and he didn’t come back in a while after all i loved going there.

  15. The bus ride there was OK then when we got there it was fun. My favorite cave was golden dome because we got lost.The bus ride back sucked because there was like no snow!

  16. I have so much fun, I was scared, and I still want to go back. My favorite caves are Golden Dome, Indian Well, Mushpot, and Catacombs. My chaperone was my dad! I had in our group are Ella, Emma, Jacky, and Lydia.

  17. LAVA BEDS. My favorite cave was “Thunder Bolt”. It was my favorite because it was connected to a couple other caves. This is what happened, first we went into Thunder Bolt like any other cave. We kept walking and crawling, until we saw that there was three tunnels to go into. My group chose the tunnel on the right. We were walking and a guy named Josh came up to us when we were trying to find are way out, I’m pretty sure that he said ” Boy I’m glad I ran into you guys, it would of been a lot spookier with out you”. Our chaperone ,Cindy said ” You can hike with us if you want”. He nodded and we kept hiking and found are way out. After we got out of the cave we looked at the map, it said that we went through Thunder Bolt, The Labyrinth and another cave that I can’t remember what it’s name is.

  18. I just won’t ever go because I like staying and playing video-games and being on the computer. also I don’t enjoy field trips really, because I HATE school and wished it was not created! that would be one my dreams come true!

  19. The bus ride there was cool because Nathan, Tyson, and I saw a whole bunch of snow. When we were there my favorite cave was golden dome. On the way back wasn’t so cool because of Tyson.

  20. I went to Indian well it was so much fun.Then we went through three different caves.Ti was thunder bolt and thier were two one. bye

  21. I loved the trip it was great on the way there and through and out. It was cool because we went in Mr. Lewis` favorite cave Indian well but there is no Indians down there it is a lie and no well and the name is a lie. Emillee was so dramatic and tryed to kill sylas with a stupid rock gosh emillee was crying in Indian well cave dont kill him geese. But other then that it was fun but i went in 3 caves much pot, indian well, thunder bolt. I had Taylor R , Stirling, Victoria and the chaperon Cindy Taylors step mom i dont like much pot it has lights no fun in that. But i like that everyone had a good time thats really a good thing that everyone liked it.

  22. When I went to Lava Beds I had a really great time.My favorite cave was the Thunder Bolt because we got little lost but it was still really fun.In the Thunder Bolt we took the different path then the others took that’s how we got lost.Then after we come out of the Thunder Bolt we got lost out side.It was really cool out side because snow was everywhere and it rained.Im hoping I go to Lava Beds another time!

  23. Go to the lava beds they said it will be fun they said, well not for ME!

    The trip started OK. Mia, Taylor, Victoria and I were very exited because we were gonna shoot a movie right there in the caves! we stared the movie in the bus and all was OK, until we brought my phone out in the cave then it died! so we asked my mom for her phone and we got it out and filmed 2 clips and then her phone died! and so a little later Trevor let us use his phone and then his died! so we never got to film the movie. What happens next? well we when to to the Indian cave and Cellar would not wait for us and on top of that i almost KILLED Sylas!

    so that was my short story

    by: Emilee

  24. Lava beds was fun me and my group want in a lot of cave’ s some hurt ….a lot but some were really fun like the thunderbolt it was really fun me and some of group want in and there was another group in the cave some of them were scared so they left and that was a litte funey

  25. The trip was fun on the way there because Emilee, Taylor, Victoria and I were making a movie ,we were going to shoot the movie in the caves but Emilee’s
    phone died and I was going to take my phone but I didn’t want to so basically we were doomed

  26. I had a excellent time! I was in Zoie’s group with all of my best friends,Emma ,Ella ,and Lydia. My favorite cave was Golden Dome because we got lost but Mr. Morehead [Zoie’s dad] found the way out while Emma was trying to find my two friends that were “lost”.So she just left with another group, but at least we got out.

  27. I miss this class sooo much! I wish I could go back to 5th grade because Mr.Lewis is the best teacher ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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