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Hi folks. Below is a list of our upcoming field trips and special events. We need chaperones for pretty much all the field trips, and we encourage parents to join us on the outdoor ed trip, but get your volunteer app in early. You’ll find the app online here.  Please also note, because of the sensitive nature of an overnight trip, we prefer taking parents on the Outdoor Ed trip who have joined us for at least one field trip earlier in the year. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!  

Feb. 10 — Jo County Tree Plant

Mar. 16 — Hockey Finale

Mar. 24 — Lava Beds trip

Mar. 25 — Spring Break

Apr. 4 — Rogue River Preserve trip

Apr. 14 — Crater Lake snowshoe and sledding

Apr. 28 — Spring Conference Day

May 5 — Spring bicycle trip

May. 25 — DARE Graduation

June 2 — DARE Day

June 7 — Outdoor Ed preview/JVille trip

June 8 & 9 — Outdoor Ed Coast Trip

TBA: Table Rock, Roxy Ann

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Trips & Events

  1. Good morning Mr. Lewis,
    I noticed on the website that you have Crater scheduled for the 14th of April. But just the other day I heard Valentin talking about it and they made it seemed like it already happened. Is that correct or is it still scheduled for the 14th?

  2. Sorry for the slow reply. Yes, we postponed that one due to the snow levels. It is now on May 19th.

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