Thur May 28

Hola, muchachos y muchachas! You should be conquering your Slides project this week. Make sure you follow the instructions posted in Classwork yesterday. It isn’t due until Sunday night, so you have plenty of time to work on it.  Of course, you can’t work on it until you’ve turned in your essay. As of right now, I only have finished essays from Preseligh, Ali, Madison, Brison, Gunnir, Riley, Zoe, Gavin, Kaidyn, Meg, Kenzie V, and Tahlor. If you don’t see your name here, either you haven’t submitted it or you didn’t submit it following the directions that were posted on Tuesday. Either way, you need to go take care of it!

Otherwise, in Classwork today you have an article called “The Pigeon Hero of World War 1,” a short infographic about hedgehogs, and your PE & reading log. We also have a 9 a.m. Super Sentence interactive session, but I will not be opening it until exactly at 9 a.m. I want all of you there and participating from 9 a.m. until 9:20 a.m. Set an alarm on your phone!

On the Platy we have a history entry about WW1, a literary terms entry, and math. For math your simply learning about percents. It’s super easy.  Watch the video and then do Worksheet H for classwork and Worksheet I for homework.  Use the key to make yourself better, not as a tool to become a wormy little miscreant cheater.  

I’ve started posting everyone’s bird research essays. Read two of them and leave a positive comment for the writer (no criticism at this stage). I’ll be asking you to read two or three each day for the next week.   Lastly, we have a 1 pm Zoom meeting.

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