Awards and Accolades

Congrats to all of this year’s Room 15 kids for a splendid year! Here are a few classroom and school awards of note:

Excellent Attendance: Sydney R., Adan C., and Masen O.

Room 15 Artist of the Year: Piper F.

Room 15 Theater Performers of the Year: Jaidah P. and Lexi W.

Room 15 Citizenship Award: Caroline M. and Klaire H.

SOU Academy Attendees from Room 15: Noah H., Klaire H., Piper F., and Jaidah P.

Presidential Scholar Awards from Room 15: Klaire H., Noah H., and Sydney R.

Fitness Champion: Valentin R.

Fact Car Rally (math facts) Champions: Valentin R. and Masen O.

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  1. The lava beds trip was fun. But on the way back i was really boring. My favorite cave was Thunderbolt.

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