Welcome back to CPE!

The first week of school is full of rules, guidelines, and procedures, but we intend to jump into curriculum right away. Please be sure to read the “September Letter to Parents” the students took home on the first day. Also make sure you attend Back to School Night on September 19th. Until then, explore this webpage and email me your questions and concerns. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Welcome back to CPE!

  1. What’s up? I’m waiting for my best former students to come visit. That’s what’s up.
    I will ask Hadley about XCountry. I didn’t know you were running!

  2. Im upset with myself..

    So I went to the cross country meet, did great. After I was sopost to go to basketball practice.. I got to scenic as the practice was starting and I feel really bad because almot all of the cross country girls went exept me..😥

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