19 thoughts on “Lava Beds October 2023

  1. I really liked it but we got lost a lot and i hurt my nee and we had to army crawl but overall it was great

  2. My favorite part about the Lava Bed Field Trip was when me and Alice got scared , or when we sat in the dark and listened for 1 minute.

  3. I liked the lava beds it was fun in my opinion the indian well is the best because you have to find a path to exit the cave.

  4. I loved the caves, because they were nice and dark, and My favorite was Indian Well, because there was a hole at the end of the cave. My favorite part in Golden dome was when we turned off our lights.

  5. My favorite part of the Lava Beds Field Trip was when we (Collin, Halle, Kaitlyn, Lillian, and Mr. Hulin) explored Thunderbolt and got lost at the exit. Lillian and I were very confused where we were because it seemed like we were in a desert with no one to be with. Once we got into Golden Dome, Collin and I tried telling Mr. Lewis he was confused with Indian Well and Thunderbolt because he said that once you get out of Indian Well your like: “Where am I?” But it wasn’t like that because we found the road immediately and for Thunderbolt we were lost. Mr. Lewis still claims he was right that I know of, but he may have gotten out at the right exit for Indian Well and we may have not gotten out the right way for Indian Well and Thunderbolt.

  6. The Lava Beds field trip was amazing, there were ups, and there were downs, overall it was a pretty good trip, the ups were my dad got to chaperone, I love my dad. And most of my friends were in my group. The downs were last year it felt a lot more… Fun?- Anyways, in a nutshell the Lava Beds National Monument is definitely a recommendation, it’s worth the long ride for sure.

  7. The lava beds were very fun, the best part was when we went in a cave that was
    very long and tight and also dark.

  8. my favorite port of the caves is thunderbolt. it kept on going and we turned all the lights off for tons.

  9. I didn’t really like it because my legs hurt a lot and I felt lonely on the bus ride back mostly.

  10. The lava beds was amazing! if your debating on going u should go! it’s was the best field trip i have ever been on sure it was cold but worth it .

  11. the lava beds field trip was okay it was not my favorite trip but it was good i did not like the small places

  12. Remember capital letters and punctuation!!! Mr.Lewis will give you a beating if you dont!!

  13. Cambree.. wait till you go on the coast trip… you will regret saying that was the best trip. Just dont have a boyfriend.. you cant go if you have a boyfriend. YEAH IM TALKING TO YOU ZOEY!!!!

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