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I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend. I got to play some golf, I got in a nap outside (until the rain started getting my feet wet), and I did a BUNCH of homework. It took quite some time to make edit suggestions on bird paragraphs. But here’s the bad news: only eight students have turned in both paragraphs (Tahlor, Gavin, Zoe, Riley, Preseligh, Meg, Kenzie, and Gunnir). Four others (Brison, Bethany, Madison, and Garrett) have turned in one. On top of that, it looks like almost everybody needs to go back and re-read the original assignment because few of you actually followed the directions. I’ve commented on all your paragraphs in DOCS and I’ve re-posted Tuesday’s and Thursday’s instructions. Those of you who haven’t yet turned in paragraphs need to get on it. This is the most significant writing assignment of the year. It’s the single most important grade on your report card.

In Classwork today, you’ll be reading an article from The Medford Mail Tribune, working on your bird project, and doing the usual reading/PE log. You also have this awesome cartoon video about Cyclops, and a super short item about the History of Fun. On the Platy you have a history lesson, another chapter of Outdoor Dude, a new PE video workout to try, and math. For math we’re moving on to dividing fractions, which is really easy. Just like multiplying fractions, all you do is multiply straight-across, with one simple change: you have to turn one fraction over. Or, even better, just use Celina’s “diamond theory” shortcut from the video. Do Worksheet A for classwork and Worksheet B for homework. Remember, the reason I give you the key is so that you can check yourself as you go along. Do a couple problems, and then check those two answers. If you got them right, hip hip hooray! If you got one wrong, figure out why. Don’t go on until you know why. That’s how you learn things. That’s how you succeed in life.

Don’t forget to join us for our 1 pm Zoom meeting! Finally, here are a couple images that’ll help you picture what’s going on in Outdoor Dude:

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