Freaky Friday!

I so appreciate all you kids! Teaching from home isn’t like being with you in class, but it is wonderful to see your personalities come through your comments on the Classroom stream. It is wonderful to see your smiling faces during our Zoom sessions. Thank you for sticking with “school” during this weird situation. Remember, too, it might be just the opposite with your families. Your family may not be used to all this “togetherness” for such a long time, so try to be extra patient with your siblings and extra helpful to your parents. Volunteer to do more chores. Be extra responsible about taking care of things without having to bug your folks. 

Anyway, today is another easy Friday. It’s a catch-up day for Bird Research. By now you should have completed your rough drafts for paragraph #1 (Description) and paragraph #2 (Habitat). If those have already been submitted to me in DOCS, you’re day is extra easy. I’ll be reviewing them over the weekend and sending them back for editing on Monday.

In Classwork there’s a fun article about the fattest bear in Alaska, Outdoor Dude Chapter 7, and Insect Math, which is all about insect parts and measuring. I figured it as a good break from fractions, but you’ll need a ruler.  Holy cow, if you don’t have a ruler, how do you survive? That’s like not having forks and spoons! You also have your reading and PE log (stretching routine for PE–it’s posted on the Platy). And lastly, here on the Platy you have a history entry about the light bulb. We’re finally heading into “modern” times!

Have a great day and an even better weekend!  Miss you all!


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