Wednesday, Oct. 7

At 8:30 we have our Mini Math competition. Let’s see if we can get more of you competing. The way to do it is show up EARLY (like at 8:15) so that you can get the sheet done BEFORE the competition starts. That way you can concentrate on typing in your answers instead of solving the problems.

Today’s Zoom meetings work like this: Peter Rabbit group meets at 9:30 and Aesop’s Fables meets at 10:30. Goosebumps members can come to either one. YOU CHOOSE! Just make sure you show up to one or the other. We’ll be reading an article about Pilgrim food and manners. The Native Americans thought the Pilgrims were kind of disgusting…you’ll see why when we read the article.

Your Checklist in Classwork tells you what to get done today. Be sure to use it as your guide. Here in the Platy you have a math homework sheet, which gets you ready for tomorrow’s quiz, a new Roald Dahl read aloud, and a history entry.  Don’t forget about your assignments in SeeSaw and make sure you get caught up with all your minutes in Happy Numbers, Lexia, and Acellus. Isaiah, Damon, Damien, Kylie, and Karysn, you MUST finish your Lexia placement test TODAY.

Many of you have submitted your chapter book project. That’s a great job! But it isn’t done until I accept it. I’m adding comments and returning them, so make sure you go re-open them every day until I send you a message saying you’re done. (To see comments, you must click on the “messenger” icon at the upper right hand corner of your Slides screen.)

Finally, if you follow this link, you can nominate a teacher for free pizza from Abby’s. It doesn’t have to be me (though that would certainly be nice). It could be your teacher from last year, a teacher from when you were still a little squirt, or some random dude from Eagle Point. Again, YOU CHOOSE.

Remember, no school on Friday. It’s the holiday that used to be known as Columbus Day (though that day is actually on Monday!). Let’s use that day to remember Squanto instead (see your history lesson).

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