Hump Day Madness!

Not really. Just another average day in the Room 15 Distance Learning classroom. Be sure to participate in the 9 a.m. Mini Math competition (donuts!). In Classwork you also have a bit of fiction from Storyworks about ice fishing, bird research on habitat, and your usual reading and PE log (free choice for PE today).

Here on the Platy you have a history entry and math. For math you’re multiplying mixed numbers. It’s still the same simple thing, you just have to  convert your mixed number to improper fractions BEFORE you multiply. I’ve made a short video to review the steps. Also take a look at pages 310-311 in your textbook. For classwork, do Worksheet C and for homework do Worksheet D

For read aloud you have Outdoor Dude chapter 5. Here are some pics from the REAL Goat Rocks Wilderness mentioned in the book. Click on each image for a closer look.

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