Tuesday, May 12

Welcome back, kids.  Today on the Platy you have history about local “Wild West” towns such as Jacksonville, Spikenard, and Beagle. You also have a literary terms entry, another segment of Outdoor Dude, and you need to do a PE workout. For Math, you’re multiplying fractions such as ¾ by ½. You will be shocked how easy it is! When multiplying you DON’T need to have like denominators. You just multiply the numerator x the numerator and the denominator times the denominator. But make sure you simplify your final answer! Read pages 302-303 in your math text, watch the video, and then do Worksheet A for classwork and Worksheet B for homework.

In Classwork you have an interesting Storyworks article. (You think the coronavirus is bad, imagine if you were being attacked from outer space! Don’t worry, it isn’t as nasty as it sounds.)  You also have your reading log and PE log  (which have been combined into one form) and your rough draft of bird research paragraph #1. BE SURE to follow the directions carefully. If you don’t, I’ll simply be sending it back to you with instructions to start over. Wouldn’t that be a drag?!

Finally, don’t forget to show up for our 9 a.m. interactive session. Have a great day!

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